Sometimes Boys Like Boys!

Show Me Some Man Love! The world is a different place these days and being a gay pop star is nothing out of the ordinary, not something to be hidden and not even something that people actually care about any more. What I didn’t see a lot of, well, not until I went specifically looking anyway, […]

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Footprints, Hallelujah

I’ve been “making videos” pretty much since I discovered how to do it over 10 years ago. “Footprints, Hallelujah” is one of the first I ever made and spent hours editing. I was so pleased with the result and discovered I’d found a new hobby. What I didn’t realise is that I would lose days on […]

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What The Flickr You Doing?

What is Flickr? Other than sharing my photos here on my blog I wanted some sort of outlet just for all my photos. I don’t think I could cope with running another blog so that wasn’t an option. So, the best option I decided was Flickr. I’ve used Flickr on and off for years and […]

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About Me

Another person with a blog? Really? I’m not a “lifestyle blogger” even although I’ve got a great life and bags of style. I’m not a “beauty or fashion blogger” even although I wear nice clothes and my aftershave smells awesome. I’m not a “travel blogger” or a “photography blogger” even although I travel to places and […]

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Unthought Known…

These two pictures were taken in two different historical landmarks at two different times in my life. The first is at The Louvre, Paris and the second is at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. In both photos I was unaware at the time that I was on the threshold of starting a part of my life without […]

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