Pizza Friday & Friday Wine Day

Spoiler Alert: This is another one of those irritating “New Year, New Me” type of posts. Well, yes it kind of is – it’s a ‘trying to be healthy’ post but there is a shit load of wine and a big fuck off pizza involved so it’s all good, right? I’m pushing 40 years old […]

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All You Need Is Love (And Hate)

Hater’s Gonna Hate! As Taylor Swift once said “hater’s gonna hate, hate, hate” but what she forgot to do is balance it out with “lover’s gonna love, love, love” – silly Taylor Swift… If I have to share ten things that I love then, just so the world doesn’t implode, I have to then share […]

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I Miss Riding A Virgin

Whats the best way to travel from Aberdeen to London? I used to love travelling from Aberdeen to London Heathrow on the Virgin “Little Red” service and I have to say as far as flying goes it was a very pleasant experience. It’s such a shame they have since stopped the service. Here’s what happened […]

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“Steve Says” Is No Longer…

…a baby – it’s now reached the “terrible twos” stage so be afraid!  In fact no, don’t be afraid – be freaking terrified as things can only get more random here, right?   So, it’s the second anniversary of my blog “Steve Says…” as it was two years ago that I published my first post. […]

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#FridayFoto: Wine, Sun & Sea…

Looking at this photo it symbolises and reminds me of the perfect holiday…    Hopefully in a few weeks I will be back in that exact same spot! This post is in response to the weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post with the theme Symbol. “This week, share a symbol with us. In my image, […]

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One Day In My Life

The late, great Michael Jackson once sang a song called “One Day In Your Life” so I thought I would describe a typical day in my life… Today started earlier than normal – as in 4am kind of early. The reason for this was due to the #scotstorm weather going on outside or as I […]

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All I Want For Christmas

All Steve Wants For Christmas I had almost forgotten that I had done this… A few years ago on the last day of work Greg had his work’s Christmas party and I was in the flat alone. I decided to tidy the flat, drink wine, put up the Christmas Tree and record it for posterity. I […]

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