Netflix Jukebox: House Of Cards

After a few minutes into it I was thinking…goverment, politics, whips, press, manipulation – it’s like The Thick Of It. Now, I know as much about British politics as I do about American politics – nothing, but, at least The Thick Of It has funny swearing (and lots of it), cracking jokes and the Doctor. I […]

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Nose Etiquette

  What Is Good “Nose Etiquette”? This might seem like a bizarre question but it is something I have pondered over for many years and I am just seeking some clarification. Maybe it’s just me? Imagine the situation… You are chatting to someone and suddenly notice a “foreign” item on, in, around or hanging from […]

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Pussy Galore!

Since my last post was about our youngest cat I thought it was only fair that my next should be about our oldest – the original. Her name is Bingo and she is almost 7. She is also a tortoise-shell cat. What can I say, I like ugly cats. It’s like when a cat has […]

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