I Like The Way He Moves

Take a walk on the wild side Greg walking along the coast near the lighthouse in Torry, Aberdeen. It is very rare that Greg will go out walking with me so when he does I make sure I capture the moment. I started doing a little editing… I cropped the photo… I then wanted to […]

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What The Flickr You Doing?

What is Flickr? Other than sharing my photos here on my blog I wanted some sort of outlet just for all my photos. I don’t think I could cope with running another blog so that wasn’t an option. So, the best option I decided was Flickr. I’ve used Flickr on and off for years and […]

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Rain & Spiderwebs

What’s the weather like in Scotland? It’s summer and it’s raining – constantly –  but sometimes it allows us to see amazing achievements… I captured this one morning before work during a break from the rain. How much work and effort must go into creating this? All that zigging and zagging must take so much […]

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Stand By Me

Who Stands By You? My favourite film is “Stand By Me“. Who always stands by me? Greg, my cats…and also my iPhone, iPad and iPad mini…I wanted to capture this in a photo. I tried to use all the devices to show photos of Greg’s feet and the cat’s paws standing by me in my trainers. […]

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#FridayFoto: Deconstructed Bounty

I’m not a good cook, baker or candlestick maker. I don’t cook because I’m rubbish at it and hate the thought of spending two hours preparing and making something that is gone in five minutes. I don’t bake because the thought of having to use exact measurements bothers me. As for candlesticks, well what’s the […]

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Unthought Known…

These two pictures were taken in two different historical landmarks at two different times in my life. The first is at The Louvre, Paris and the second is at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland. In both photos I was unaware at the time that I was on the threshold of starting a part of my life without […]

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