Compassion vs Traffic

I was walking along the sidewalk the other day and I noticed that there was a lot more traffic on a particular road than what their usually was. It looked really busy and all the people in the cars were definitely trying to get somewhere fast. It seemed to me that they didn’t care too much for the cars […]

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About Me

Another person with a blog? Really? I’m not a “lifestyle blogger” even although I’ve got a great life and bags of style. I’m not a “beauty or fashion blogger” even although I wear nice clothes and my aftershave smells awesome. I’m not a “travel blogger” or a “photography blogger” even although I travel to places and […]

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#FridayFoto: On My Way…

On the way to visit Loch Ness in Scotland this appeared in the sky… The Scottish Flag? It would only have been more magical if this song had started to play on the radio… This post was part of the weekly photo challenge hosted by with the theme On The Way. “For this week’s photo challenge, stop […]

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#FridayFoto: Feeling Broken…

After a hectic and exciting weekend followed by being unable to sleep the night before going back to work when most people are off work for the Bank Holiday here is someone sitting at a bus stop feeling broken.    As coincidences go this song just started playing on my iPhone…    This post was […]

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The Sweet Smell Of…Me

  Smells like Steve Spirit For me there are two things that will instantly bring back memories and almost transfer me back to a particular time in my life. The first is music and the second is smells… The inspiration for this post* came when a man got on a bus wearing an aftershave that […]

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