I Am My Hair!

I never thought I’d be doing a post about hair… It’s perhaps more appropriate for a ” “beauty blogger” ” to do a post about hair but what the hell, let’s do this. I’m wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with my hair these days as I don’t have enough of it to get obsessed over but […]

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Sometimes Boys Like Boys!

Show Me Some Man Love! The world is a different place these days and being a gay pop star is nothing out of the ordinary, not something to be hidden and not even something that people actually care about any more. What I didn’t see a lot of, well, not until I went specifically looking anyway, […]

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The Things You Say While Driving

Driving Me Crazy! It’s almost two years since my Adventures In Driving began and it’s certainly been a crazy two years! I absolutely agree 100% that people’s personalities change as soon as they get behind the wheel and I am well and truly part of that ‘club’ now. I’ve come to realise I swear a […]

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31 Things That Make Me Unique!

What type of person am I? When it comes to ‘people types’, we’ve all read and possibly participated in various online personality tests. We’ve all read the LinkedIN or Facebook posts about ‘what makes an x, y or z’ type person. I’m sure all of the above have been tested on animals, scientifically proven and all […]

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The Sweet Smell Of…Me

  Smells like Steve Spirit For me there are two things that will instantly bring back memories and almost transfer me back to a particular time in my life. The first is music and the second is smells… The inspiration for this post* came when a man got on a bus wearing an aftershave that […]

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Don’t Poke Your Xiphoid Process: The Difference Between Feeling Young And Feeling Old

What’s the difference between being feeling young and feeling old? I read a post recently called “The Difference Between 20 And 30” and as I am now the wrong side of 40 I could really relate to everything she said so this is my response… They Said… Staying out until three in the morning is almost […]

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