I Am My Hair!

I never thought I’d be doing a post about hair… It’s perhaps more appropriate for a ” “beauty blogger” ” to do a post about hair but what the hell, let’s do this. I’m wouldn’t say I’m obsessed with my hair these days as I don’t have enough of it to get obsessed over but […]

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Haylee Says…Nostalgia Be Craze-y!

Nostalgia be Craze-y! Do you know your Bulbasaur from your Beedrill? Your Charmander from your Clefairy? Do you even care? Possibly not. But if you’ve succumbed to the craze that swept the smartphone world this summer, (hmmm… that would be me!) then you’ll know I’m talking about Pokemon Go. From toddlers to pensioners, players avidly […]

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I Am Being Upgraded…

I’ve decided that it’s time for a change and that I don’t want to grow old gracefully… I used to not concern myself about the changes that come with age and say that it didn’t bother me but over the last few week, call it a mid-life crisis, call it not giving a s*** what […]

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Don’t Poke Your Xiphoid Process: The Difference Between Feeling Young And Feeling Old

What’s the difference between being feeling young and feeling old? I read a post recently called “The Difference Between 20 And 30” and as I am now the wrong side of 40 I could really relate to everything she said so this is my response… They Said… Staying out until three in the morning is almost […]

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Come Dine With Steve

If I was having a “Come Dine With Me” style dinner party for five people, including myself, and I could invite four famous people – dead or alive, real of fictional – who would I invite..? My first guest would be Superman. I’ve always been a huge Superman fan. So much so that I have […]

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