Gambling Is Cool…For Cats…

I was lucky enough to win some money on The Grand National since my horse finished in 4th place but watching some of the horses fall and knowing that in the past some have died during the race got me thinking… How are these horses looked after when they are too old to compete or have […]

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All I Want For Christmas

All Steve Wants For Christmas I had almost forgotten that I had done this… A few years ago on the last day of work Greg had his work’s Christmas party and I was in the flat alone. I decided to tidy the flat, drink wine, put up the Christmas Tree and record it for posterity. I […]

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Pussy Galore!

Since my last post was about our youngest cat I thought it was only fair that my next should be about our oldest – the original. Her name is Bingo and she is almost 7. She is also a tortoise-shell cat. What can I say, I like ugly cats. It’s like when a cat has […]

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