Niche Blog!


It’s something I hear all time when it comes to blogging.

“What’s my niche?”

“Should I have a niche?”

“I don’t have a niche – should I?”

“I want to start blogging, what should my niche be?”

Niche, niche, niche – I’ve heard it so much that it doesn’t even sound like a real word anymore. Try it out loud…

Niche, niche, niche.

That word, to me, has become an annoyance. It’s a word that’s simply thrown around and people are worrying about it unnecessarily.

My best advice here to anyone worrying about having a niche is…

You don’t have to go looking for your niche. Start writing now! Your niche will find you. 

I’m no blogging expert but I thought I would write about my experiences anyway. To clarify at the outset of this post I am ‘not blogging about blogging’ in this post – I am simply writing about my thoughts on niches, okay!

My thoughts about bloggers who write about blogging could be the topic of an entirely different post. A post like that would probably be titled something along the lines of ‘bloggers who blog about blogging can kiss my fucking niche’ or maybe something with less profanity.

I might mention that topic a little bit more in this post or I might not, let’s see how it goes.

Back to me – yay, let’s talk about me…

Steve McSteveface

I started blogging and joined the blogging community or industry, if you like, in 2013. Note that I didn’t say blogosphere since ‘blogosphere‘ is not an actual word and anyone who calls themselves a ‘blogger’ or ‘writer’ who wants to be taken seriously yet still use that word is simply a twat in my opinion. I mean come on – they say they are ‘professional bloggers’ and still use made up words when describing what they do as a ‘career’.

Erm – get a grip here people!

I started blogging because I wanted to show my stuff and have people look at it. It’s as simple as that.

I didn’t want to be famous.

I didn’t need therapy.

I didn’t need other people’s admiration.

I just wanted to show my stuff and have people look at it and fortunately for me –  they did.

I didn’t have a niche. I was so innocent back then that I didn’t even know what a niche was. I guess I hadn’t gone through blog-puberty yet (oh mummy, look at me I’m making up words now too) so I just wrote about whatever I wanted to or felt like.

There were posts about cats. Posts about Microsoft. Posts about spiders in Dolmio jars. There were posts about TV. There were posts about music. There was even some posts about being a blogger.

It was all over the place but I didn’t care.

After a year or so my niche had found me.

No, don’t be silly I didn’t decide to be one of those bloggers who blog about blogging. To clarify – to me, that’s an indication of someone who doesn’t actually have anything interesting to say. They are all about the…

“Oh wow, look at me I had one post go “viral” on Facebook and I managed to attract a lot of random followers from that so now I must be an expert in blogging – I’m just going to write shit about how fucking awesome I am, advise how everyone else can do the same shit things as I do, and then all my little followers will love me foreeeever.”

Erm no, you’re a fake and your followers are sycophants to your falseness.

I hereby call out the Bullshit Bloggers! Your blogs are boring as fuck and in some cases full of HUGE exaggerations based on downright deceitfulness. However, that’s your problem and not mine so – as you were, bullshitters.

(I recently realised that the domain name was available if any of you are interested in purchasing it? I can think of at least 81 bloggers who should try to secure it)

Baaaaack to me!

What was my niche, then? It soon became obvious that music was my niche.

I didn’t turn my blog into a music blog though. No, if I did that then where else would I write my random posts about hair and ventriloquist dummies? I was keeping my ‘personal blog’ no matter what.

So I started a brand new blog that would focus on only music. It went trough various stages and has now become Talk About Pop Music. This music blog covers current pop music but does have a big focus on 80s music, Eurovision and chart music.

Was it a good decision to create a new blog based on my blog niche epiphany moment?

I think so. I guess I’m biased so let’s base it on facts. WARNING – here’s where I become a bit like those bloggers who blog about blogging as I’m going to climb up my own ass for a couple of paragraphs.

My most popular playlists on Spotify for new music has over 1200 followers.

I was invited to be a member of the panel who would help judge the UK public submissions for Eurovision 2018.

I made over $200 for reviewing and considering songs for inclusion in my playlists over a two-week period in February.

As far as I’m concerned that makes it a very good decision. If you disagree with me I don’t really care anyway and I’m happy enough you’ve read to this point so…good the fuck bye now.

I’m hoping for more good things to come from Talk About Pop Music but at the moment it is still just a hobby.

Blogging on its own does not pay the bills and for those that say it does then I say – well, you enjoy your bus journeys into town and your trips to a holiday cottage in the Cotswolds courtesy of while I enjoy my five annual vacations and shiny brand new car every two years.

Have I blown my own trumpet enough yet? Maybe? Maybe not? but since everyone else is doing it, why can’t I?

The trumpet blowing continues….

After a couple of years of working on Talk About Pop Music another ‘niche’ rocked up and slapped me square in the face. Slapped me right in the Steve McSteveface one might say.

I had created a playlist associated with a new TV show on Netflix and, well, I’m not going to say it ‘went viral’ because that’s just so ‘bloggers that blog’ but it did do very well. Therefore, hence with and viz a viz I gave birth to The Binge Guy.

I won’t talk about it too much here as I think it can pretty much speaks for itself and this blog is still, and always will be, purely for me – Steve McSteveface to write about stuff, hoping people will look at it because after all, the moral of this blog post is…

We don’t have to go looking for our niche. Our niche will find us. So, be kind to your niche once you find it!

Steve McSteveface on TwitterThis post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive commission on any purchases.

9 thoughts on “Niche Blog!

  1. I have worked hard not to have a ‘niche’ since I started blogging in 2015. I don’t like labels. I already followed you on twitter. Thought this post was hilarious and full of wisdom. Hopped over here from Hugh’s blog. Niche resistance is not futile! Haha! -Molly


  2. Loved this post. Laughed all the way through it. I promise to never ever say “blogosphere.”
    BTW, I’m pretty sure I don’t have a niche. I count myself lucky if anyone reads my posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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