Viva Las Vegas!

Yes! Again!

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we first visited Las Vegas and in less than a week we will be going back!

I also can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we were in “Sin City” and I’ve only published two posts about our time there.

I’ve so many more stories to share such as the $20 Sandwich Trick, The Wonders of Lyft, The Fountains Of Bellagio, The Eggslut, 20 Reasons Why Britney Spears Was Crap, The Hoover Dam Experience…and the list goes on! I’m sure I will get around to them all in time. I also have so many other stories to share from the rest of travels in 2017.

I get in trouble from my friends with kids (a.k.a the cash drainers) for always posting about our vacations so I’m just going to stir things up some more here. When we’re in Vegas we will be going to see both Cher and Celine Dion.

I might even attempt this at the Celine Dion show because I think this fan has started a trend so watch out for me on the news!

When we are back from Vegas that will mean the first of these polaroid magnetic photo frames on our fridge will be complete but as you can see there will be more getting populated in 2018 as it’s going to be just as travel-tastic as 2017 was! Watch this space and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter as I’ll be carrying on with our new travel traditions so you might see some live action (no, not like that – behave!)

Polaroid Magnetic Frames

What about you? Have you been to Las Vegas? Do you have any top tips? What are your travel plans for 2018?

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5 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas!

      1. Haha. I’ve only tweeted her about a thousand times so if she doesn’t know I am on my way then there’s something wrong lol. Unless she’s put me on mute which is very likely haha

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