All You Need Is Love (And Hate)

Hater’s Gonna Hate!

As Taylor Swift once said “hater’s gonna hate, hate, hate” but what she forgot to do is balance it out with “lover’s gonna love, love, love” – silly Taylor Swift…

If I have to share ten things that I love then, just so the world doesn’t implode, I have to then share ten things I hate. Ying, Yang, Feng Shui and all that!

Things I Love…in no particular order…

I Love Me

I spend all my time with myself, we all have to and that’s just life. If you don’t at least like yourself then your pretty much going to have a shit day – every day, until you die. We’ve all got our little imperfections but then so does everybody else so learn to like your imperfections but love your perfect parts as there is always much more of them than you realise!

I Love Music

If I was told that I could only either watch TV or listen to music for the rest of my life, well, that’s a no brainer! I simply could not live without music. As for not watching TV ever again then that would be easy as I watch less and less TV these days anyway.

I Love Wine

There’s something about that first glug, glug, glug noise when you pour from a new bottle. I have criteria for my wine – I’m very picky. It has to be between £5 and £6 after having been reduced in a special offer and  it has to be more than 12% (otherwise, there’s no point right?). Sometimes it even comes in a box which is fine too.

I Love Cats

I love cats but not as much as this crazy lady.

I Love iPads

If I could actually chop off one of my hands and replace it with an iPad I think I might be tempted to do it.

Hmmm, close enough…

I Love The Smell Old Books/Magazines

If I went to a library these days I think I would could thrown out for sniffing the books, it’s just one of those smells I love! There are so many other smells I love that it could be a post on its own.

I Love Honesty

I love it when people tell it just like it is. If I’ve done a crap job, tell me I’ve done a crap job. Don’t pussy foot around the subject to try to get me to work it out for myself. Don’t go behind my back and tell someone else instead. Hit me with it square on.

I Love Being Awake

Although I do like sleeping. It’s recently started to happen when I don’t want it to and I either end up with a face full of iPad or I’ve wasted an evening by falling asleep too early. I can’t do anything when I am sleeping so being awake is much more fun.

I Love Big Clothes

After wearing a suit that was possibly too tight for me all day at work today, coming home and putting baggy clothes on feels like my legs are now having a holiday. How tight was this suit? Well, let’s say I had to actually take the elevator when only going up one floor rather than walk up the stairs.

I Love This

This. This. I love doing this. I love blogging!

Things I Hate…in no particular order…

I Hate Me

I hate the fact I’m getting signs of old age, I hate the fact I can by shy in social situations and I hate the fact that due to my love of wine my waist size is increasing. However, if I refer to the above and accept that or make a change to it then there’s not much I can do about it and I just need to learn to love things I do like about me better. Either way I’m still the same person.

I Hate Sandpaper

I can’t even touch the stuff, it just freaks me out. Even thinking about hearing the noise is give me the creeps right now.

I Hate Sharks

People say monsters aren’t real but these sharks are fucking monsters, they are just in the sea and not under your bed. I have so many recurring nightmares about being eaten by sharks. Yet, one of my favourite movies is Jaws – go figure! Also, you might think you are safe from sharks so long as you don’t go in the water – NOT TRUE! Take a look at this documentary I watched recently…

I Hate Ventriloquist Dummies/Dolls

The cute furry ones are okay but the ones that look life-like are just plain wrong.

I Hate Seafood

Fish – I like. If I can’t see its head and it’s been battered or breaded or whatever then that’s ok. If it has eyes, a tail, claws or I have to lick it out of a shell-like snot then no way!

I Hate Slipknot Wednesdays

I like music but I don’t think this is music. Radio One play a Slipknot song every Wednesday when we have radio on at work. I’m practically demented by the time it’s over.

I Hate Trolls

Don’t be an internet troll, be an Internet moomin instead.

I Hate TV In The Morning

Don’t get me wrong I still like TV but hearing it first thing in the morning really winds me up.

I Hate Smelly People

I get that some people are poor and can’t afford fancy fragrances but soap is cheap and water is pretty much free. There’s no excuse for being smelly in my book.

I Hate Tap Dancing

I love Riverdance and Lord Of The Dance, all that synchronisation and the way it seems like their crazy legs are independent from the top halves of their bodies but tap dancing is just stupid! In fact I love Riverdance so much that it’s been known for me to attempt it after a few glasses of wine at the office Christmas party and it’s not looked unlike this…

What about you? What do you love and what do you hate?


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19 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love (And Hate)

  1. I expected much more wrath in the hate section! Agree on dolls and fish with eyes – I personally won’t eat fish that tastes or smells too ‘fishy’… how on earth I grew a love of sushi is beyond me.



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