Am I Being Stalked By Doctor Who?


One day, during the holidays, we were taking our bottles to the recycling centre.

I looked over to my right through a set of gates I suddenly felt a rush of optimism!

It had landed!

My wish to travel with The Doctor in the TARDIS was about to come true…

I was still so caught up in the excitement of the Christmas episode with the re-generation of the twelfth Doctor into the thirteenth and now maybe I was to be one of the new companions?

Decisions had to be made. Should I just hop on in or should I go and pack first?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be this time as this TARDIS is actually a regular fixture in my village at The Grampian Transport Museum. Well, at least that’s what we are supposed to believe…

Then, a couple of days later when I went to the supermarket I came out with my shopping and saw this parked next to my car…

I'm Being Stalked By Doctor Who

If the Universe is trying to tell me something then let me just say this to the Universe…


While we wait for me to be whisked off through time and space – check out these fantastic Doctor Who (other TV and movie items are available and just as awesome) related items at TV Store Online.


This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive commission on any purchases.


7 thoughts on “Am I Being Stalked By Doctor Who?

    1. Well if I didn’t refer to the clothing I couldn’t have linked to my posts about Doctor Who t shorts with affiliate links haha. I also believe there’s a swimming pool and a library in the TARDIS. I wonder if there’s a little shop too, do you think?

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