2018: A Wind Of Change

Welcome To 2018

For the past few New Years we’ve decided to give the partying a miss as we’ve done that so many times. Instead we have started welcoming the first sunset of the New Year slightly differently.

In 2015 we climbed a mountain, in 2016 we went to sea and last year we travelled back in time. What did we do to welcome in 2018?

I’ve always had a fascination with windmills and of course as a kid I loved The Pink Windmill. There was also a fantastic show called Mr Majeika where the main character also lived in a windmill.

No, we didn’t visit a windmill as such.

I also love wind turbines which are really just a modern take on windmills in my book. We see them all the time these days in Scotland and I’ve always wanted to get up close and personal with them so let’s do it I thought.

Some people think they are a nuisance, ruin the landscape blah blah blah. I really can’t understand that. I think they add something to the landscape and certainly look a lot prettier than electricity pylons. So Donald Trump and other people who think like that can fuck off as far as I’m concerned. In fact Donald Trump can just fuck off anyway regardless of his opinion on the new wind farm. Oh and he can take his stupid golf course with him too.

Dummuie Wind Farm is just outside Huntly, Aberdeenshire so we set off early to make sure we were there before the sunrise. The sky was clear, it was -2 and the roads were glittering with ice. Don’t be silly of course I wasn’t the one driving!

Not quite sure whether we were actually allowed to be so close to the turbines, when we drove past a little cottage on the track leading up to the turbines I waved to the lady staring out the kitchen window anyway.

She didn’t wave back – rude right? It’s New Year’s Day!

She also didn’t run after us telling us to get off her land or immediately phone the police to report us either so maybe not so rude after all but still…a little wave on New Year’s Day wouldn’t go amiss.

I made a mental note to myself that I should do this while driving past her on the way back…

There were 7 turbines in total all spread out over the area since it’s not a good idea to have them too close to each other because…spoiler alert…they are FUCKING HUGE.

2018: A Wind Of Change

I never really appreciated the scale of them until seeing them up close…

It was a fairly calm morning so not much wind but the massive blades were spinning at a reasonable speed. What surprised me a lot was the amount of noise – or rather lack of it!. I actually found the noise quite calming and would have no objections to living close to one whatsoever. There’s probably more noise coming from the generator in the school across the road from my house than this wind farm of 7 huge turbines.


Standing directly underneath one of these environmentally friendly beasts truly gives you a sense of their massive scale. It’s also quite hypnotic at the same time.

I did actually lie down on the ground to take this next photo and video and if it wasn’t so damn cold I could have quite happily had a little nap…

After getting up off the ground and it was off to take more photos. It was at this point we realised how hard it is to take photos of people with wind turbines in the background and trying to make sure you get everything in the shot but we got a few…

Taking a selfie is even more difficult…

2018: A Wind Of Change

Greg says take a rude one for shits and giggles so of course I’m always happy to oblige…

2018: A Wind Of Change

I really like this next photo as I love the position in which the blades have been captured…

2018: A Wind Of Change

I didn’t realise how far the walk back to where Greg was would be so long and since he was using my phone to take the photos I had no access to my phone for two whole minutes!

No, of course I didn’t panic at being off the grid for 120 seconds my main worry was whether I should calmly walk back or have a little skip…

2018: A Wind Of Change

No surprise which option won really.

Greg then reminded me of the awesomeness that is Prancercise so after a little bit of editing once we got back home this has now officially happened…


By this time the sun was beginning to come up and seeing the colours of the sky was pretty cool…


I wanted to walk further up the field.

I managed to convince Greg to do this by telling him that if the farmer was coming after us with a shotgun then he’d have a further distance to shoot us from.

Then I saw this…

Then I saw this...

Yes, I know it’s just a haystack but it turned out to be an important haystack as far as this New Year outing was concerned!

Greg wanted to have a photo of him sitting on top of the haystack…

Why he didn’t understand that by sitting down on a wet haystack would get his ass wet I’m not quite sure but he was quite happy to show me the results…


My turn and time for the “pondering look”…

I then had an idea…


It turned out to be a bad idea and it didn’t actually taste that nice…


I was getting cold by now…


But still time for more pondering shots…

Some action shots would soon warm me up and since I was wearing one of my Superman T-Shirts I had to at least attempt a pose…

Greg then said for me to do one jumping off the haystack. I looked down at the ground and it was pretty high up and looked risky but Greg said to jump so I jumped which in itself is a bit worrying, right? Let’s hope we don’t go walking along some cliffs anytime soon… I quite liked the photo…


The landing? Hmm, not so much! I thought I’d broken my ankle and my hand fucking hurt like a bitch…


Greg wanted some action shots with the haystack too…

When I told him to jump off the haystack he thought about it, thought again and decided to be a pussy and jump from the lower one and as you can see the result was not so good.


We’d pretty much exhausted the wind turbine and haystack opportunities for the day so a quick photo of the door which I wasn’t allowed to try the handle just on the off-chance it might have been left unlocked…


A photo of all the warning information that we probably should have read on the way in rather than when we were leaving…


Finally, a view of the landscape showing all eight wind turbines in a wind farm that has seven turbines (yeah, I’m not quite sure how that works either) with the first sun of 2018 coming up over the horizon. I will challenge anyone who says that these ruin the landscape. Oh yeah and they also produce electricity and are kind to the environment!


This post would not be complete without including these two songs from The Scorpions and Dusty Springfield.

2018: A Wind Of Change

Happy New Year – Here’s to 2018!

What about you? How did you spend the first day of 2018?


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15 thoughts on “2018: A Wind Of Change

  1. Great pictures, and I completely agree about wind turbines being a pretty site on the landscape. We’ve some across the bay from where we live and they look great when we’re walking along the beach. As you said, far better to look at than pylons. Can’t wait to find out what you got planned for New Year’s Day 2019. Maybe a trip in the TARDIS?
    Happy New Year to you both.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Geez! You guys must have spent half a day with the turbines. I wouldn’t want to live near a farm, but I used to work in the area of one of the largest wind farms in the country (over 100) and it is an incredible sight. The videos were great although your skip game may need a little work.


  3. See… there’s more to us than just being birthday twins! I LOVE turbines, even wrote to our local wind farm a few years back and asked for a tour – which would have gone ahead if my main contact didn’t up and change jobs! Oh, and they’re made in Hull. You’re welcome 🙂
    We went to a Viking Fire festival. Bloody waste of time that was – think the local drama group had been given too much free reign with a lighter and pile of hay…



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