2017: A Year In Travel

A Travelling Blogger?

2017 has certainly been an amazing year of travel adventures for this blogger.

I have to so much more stories and reviews to share. There will also be lot of new adventures taking place in 2018 so stay tuned. For now, here are just some of my travel posts from 2017.

Not to forget a couple of new ‘travel traditions’ and photography styles I have picked up along the way.

Obviously music plays a big part during my travels and I have recently discovered The Sounds Of Spotify. These guys produce playlists for every country based on the most distinctively popular songs in that particular location relative to the rest of the world. So, I have used their findings to create the soundtrack to my travels in 2017…

the sound of las vegas
Sounds of Las Vegas
the sound of stockholm
Sounds Of Stockholm
the sound of kyiv
Sounds Of Kyiv
the sound of rome
Sounds Of Rome
sound of gran canaria
Sounds Of Gran Canaria
the sound of Warsaw
Sounds Of Warsaw

Where have you travelled to this year and do you have travel plans for 2018?

Don’t have a music streaming service yet? Sign up to:

SpotifyApple Music or Amazon |

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive commission on any purchases.

5 thoughts on “2017: A Year In Travel

  1. Looking forward to reading these when I get chance later on! For me it was Thessaloniki and Athens – the latter not as impressive as the first! COGG xoxo



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