Santa’s Coming For Us!

Christmas Has Arrived!

It’s become a Steve McSteveface Christmas tradition that Greg puts up a nice, classy tree and I get tacky as fuck, go overboard, drink a few glasses of wine and make a video of my achievements.

You can see previous efforts here but I think I even outdone myself this year.

It started off with buying even more new decorations to add to our over the top stack that we already have. This was what it looked like before unpacking…

Christmas Threw Up In My House

This is a few photos of the finished results…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But this is what you really want…the video!


Thanks to Sia for creating a soundtrack just for me!

Listen to ‘Everyday Is Christmas’ on

Apple MusiciTunes, Amazon or Spotify


Don’t forget that Friday is the Steve McSteveface Christmas Radio Party – will you be there?

Christmas Party GIF


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2 thoughts on “Santa’s Coming For Us!

  1. Gotta love Greg’s face while you were filming that. Were those chocolate coins in the glass? First time I ever saw someone decorate the doorbell. Are Greg’ slippers festive? If not, there’s a stocking filler idea for you.



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