Don’t Be Afraid Of Terrorists – Be Afraid Of This!

I’m NOT afraid of terrorists.

Well obviously I’m a little afraid but when it comes to travelling on public transport there is one thing I am much more afraid of than a terrorist.

Okay, so you might notice the odd nutter reading aloud from their” religious book of choice” while you are your simply going about your daily commute to work.

Does that worry me?

No! I say good on those nutters for carrying on with their “reading out loud” which I for one loved doing at school. Well, maybe in my case it wasn’t from a religious book but I do remember giving an awesome voice to the character of Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird.

You might also get a ‘shifty’ looking person (hey, we can’t help the way we look – I have a ‘resting grumpy bastard’ face) who just happens to have a backpack and is giving off a distinct aroma of almonds while you are being a “tourist” in a new city.

Does that worry me?

Well, no. I’m an optimist and see the good in everyone so I’d like to think that said person has just been to the best sweet shop in town to buy fancy candy from a shopping list provided to them by their little old granny!

I don’t know, you don’t know. We just don’t know – so don’t judge, okay!

However…there is one situation where you should panic and you should be scared and you should be really worried! Whenever you are on public transport and you hear this sound…

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Why the absolute fuck is someone taking a photo?

What are they taking a photo of?

Are they taking a sneaky photo of little old me? Do I have the remnants of a Chicken Royale on my face, is my zipper down and the beast is unleashed? Do I look ridiculous in some other kind of way that I can’t even comprehend?

Consider that for a second and then get ready to be even more freaked out when you start hearing noises like this…

Is a picture of me going to be sent via What’s App and laughed at by strangers? Am I going to be a source of ridicule on some random person’s Facebook feed?

Or worse? So, so, so much worse…

Am I going to be an internet meme and go viral? Arrrrgh!

Don’t get me wrong I’d love to go viral as much as the next blogger but I’d love it to be for all the RIGHT reasons and not as the next Chris Crocker…

Or even the next numa numa boy…

Well maybe I would like to be the next Numa Numa boy and I’ve actually attempted it but that boy has the monopoly on it…

Anyway, let’s be honest here – we’ve all taken sneaky photos of people haven’t we?

We’ve all done it so just admit it here and now! I won’t tell anyone and even if I did tell – our world is soooo fucked up right now that the Trump, May or Putin followers would put it down to “fake news”. Don’t even get me stated on Kimmy baby!

However, politics and WW3 instigators aside most of us have got the “smarts” and are sensible enough to switch the sounds off on our mobile devices. Of course I’ve taken sneaky photos but I have enough respect for other people’s privacy that I’d never share a photo of a stranger who I’d snapped – either on public transport or just in general – unless it was in their favour…

Travel Photography

Actually no, that’s a lie and I’d like to half-apologise to this man who chews like a fucking cow and is now, thanks to Steve McSteveface, all over the internet…

Seriously, get some manners you gross man!

Anyway, the taking of the “cheeky photos” aspect aside I HATE hearing all the button press noises when people are sending messages, the pings when they get a notification, the wibbly wobbly noise thing when they are waiting for someone to reply. ALL OF THEM!

Seriously people, it’s almost 2018 and we don’t need that to hear your shit. If your phone is not constantly within your eye-line waiting for the next notification to come up in front of you then you are doing something wrong, okay?

Also, unless you are blind then what’s the point in having the noises every time you type a letter? Hmmm, if you are blind then the noises probably wouldn’t help really but either way they are NOT NEEDED and I am now finding myself curious about how blind people use touch screen smart phones these days.

So, I pose this question to you!

Is taking photos of strangers in this way an huge or little invasion of privacy?

Should it be mandatory that the camera clicks are always audible? The Japanese think so – what do you think?

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12 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid Of Terrorists – Be Afraid Of This!

      1. No – if people look uncomfortable I dont take pictures. They only time I have had someone give me a hard time was when I taking a pictures of a street in a pretty sea-side village near here. Usually people just ask what are you doing and when I say I’m an artist they lose interest. I really should say I’m a private detective. I probably get away with taking photos because I’m a woman.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. 🤣 I really can’t think if it’s right or wrong to take strangers photos right now because I’m too busy laughing!!! 🤣 bloody hilarious. It may be very wrong of you to take that guy chewing, but it’s blooming’ funny!! 🤣



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