VISITING WARSAW: New Travel Traditions

During 2017 we did a lot of travelling and that looks set to continue in 2018.

I’ve already got a travel tradition which involves a certain style of photographs and when we went to Warsaw in October I’ve established another few traditions that will become part of our travel experience from now on.

The ‘Cheers’ Animated GIF

I saw someone do this on Facebook when they had arrived at their hotel. Of course I wanted to take it one step further and to have a GIF for each bar, restaurant and club we visited. Full reviews of each location will be coming soon.


Sphinx, Warsaw

Novotel Bar

Novotel Warsaw

Jack’s Bar & Restaurant

Jack's Bar & Restaurant Warsaw

Club Mirage

Club Mirage Warsaw

Skybar, Marriot Hotel

Sky Bar Marriot Warsaw

N31 Restaurant & Bar

N31 Restaurant Warsaw



I think this is a great way of logging all the places you’ve been and, I guess…how much alcohol you drink!


Periscope is basically Facebook Live for Twitter. On some, not every, occasion because I sometimes do actually want to live in and appreciate the moment! I shared some live videos which would show up on my Twitter @stevemcsteveface.

You don’t need to have a Periscope account to watch.

Click below to go the ones from Warsaw.Periscope


This actually started in Rome


We only managed to spot one in Warsaw but I’m hoping to beat my 2017 target next year.

What about you? What travel traditions do you have. I’d love to hear about them.

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5 thoughts on “VISITING WARSAW: New Travel Traditions

  1. Nice post! I love that idea of taking pictures of all your drinks. We only tend to take photos of the big occasions – the small stuff often gets lost. Where you heading next?



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