A Very Brief History Of Time Travel by Steve McSteveface

I’ve always been a huge fan of time travel!

Obviously not in the same way as Professor Stephen Hawking is a fan since I’m not interested in proving that it’s possible I’m interested in watching TV shows and movies about where it is possible.

Movies such as Back To The Future, The Terminator and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure I’ve watched countless times.

The fact that these particular movies were made in the 80s is an added bonus for me.

A more recent movie I watched that involved time travel was About Time.

I LOVED this which is no surprise as it’s from the same team that brought us Four Weddings, Notting Hill and Love Actually and who doesn’t love this movies? Due to that there was never any doubt that this would be an ultimate “feel good flick” but what I didn’t expect was for it to make my eyes well up and my nose tingle!

There’s also a really good song in the movie which is a cover version of Ellie Goulding’s “How Long Will I Love You?” Sorry Ellie but I prefer this movie version…

Of course there are a heap more movies and I’m making it a mission to seek out and enjoy as many as possible. A quick Google search will fulfil both yours and my time travel movie desires.

So that’s the movies – what about time travel in TV shows then?

Doctor Who

The longest running sci fi show ever which is still going strong after 54 years and one of my all time favourites. There’s been 13 Doctors in total and I’m sure everyone is aware of the show so just as a reminder here are all the intros…

I remember watching it with my Dad, I remember being sad when it was cancelled, overjoyed when it came back, quickly sad again when it was only a one off and then when it finally back again and the way in which it’s continued has delighted me more than ever.

I’m not embarrassed to admit that sometimes before I fall asleep at night I imagine what it would be like to have my own TARDIS. There’s never any monsters or aliens in these imaginings because who the fuck would imagine up that shit, right? I have actually been in the TARDIS but a TV set doesn’t really count for what I want here.

When people talk to me about death, to quickly try and move the conversation on I always respond with something like…

“Dying? Oh no I’m planning to regenerate”.

Yes, it’s a way of avoiding talking about a horrible subject but if I’m being honest there is also a smidgen of “hope” when I say it.

I could talk about Doctor Who for hours but I won’t. I leave that kind of thing for this subreddit these days. I will however say that MY Doctor was the Fifth Doctor, my FAVOURITE Doctor was the Tenth Doctor and I am super excited to see how having a Doctor with a vagina will work out for the universe.

So, which Doctor is your favourite and which Doctor is your Doctor? Only true Whovians will know the difference.


This show has been on my Netflix list for a while now and I’m sure I’ll get around to watching it eventually. The synopsis is…

Thousands of special operatives, sent back in time from the future, are tasked with preventing the collapse of society. These operatives, known as “travelers”, take over the body of a 21st-century individual via a transfer of consciousness; to minimize impact on the timeline, it is performed moments before the person’s recorded time of death.

Why have I not watched it yet? I’m sure Eric McCormack  is fantastic in it but I’m worried that for me he will always be Will.

If you’ve watched this show then I’d love to hear what you think.

Quantum Leap

Yes! Whenever I say those two words the theme tune from the intro always starts playing in my head…

Quantum Leap was a fantastic show and I loved the fact that at the end of each episode you were left hooked as to who Sam would be the following week. What will he have to do? Will he ever get home? Where the fuck can I buy one of Al’s gadgets?

A Very Brief History Of Time Travel by Steve McSteveface

Okay the last question is maybe something I ask myself these days and I will get one there’s no doubt about that! Once I do it will sit in my office neatly beside my sonic screwdriver! I might not get an exact replica as they cost far too much so maybe I’ll settle for a fancy iPhone case instead.

As for did he ever get home? Well, I actually don’t remember which is why I am about to re-watch all episodes from the very beginning. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this. When researching for this post (yes, despite what people might think I do put some effort into what I write) I came across this clip from The Late Show and I will warn that viewers of a “nervous Donald Trump disposition” should not watch…

Do you remember Quantum Leap?

Crime Traveller

This is an interesting one because I remember watching it in the late 90s and thinking what a great idea! The BBC are kind of trying to bring back Doctor Who without actually bringing back Doctor Who.

I really liked the concept and was quite disappointed when the show got dropped. If I watched it now I might feel differently so I think I will put this one down to nostalgia.


Okay, so now we are right up to date and in the present. Or are we? Wibbly, wobbly time wimey stuff and all that!

Anyway, this show is a Netflix Original and I bought into it when I saw an advert for it describing the plot and how it was “the next Stranger Things”.

80s? time travel? Yeah Netflix well and truly got me here so I made sure that Netflix notified me as soon as it was available. Did I actually have any input into that though? Netflix sometimes just knows, right?

The synopsis for Dark goes something like this…

The disappearance of two young children in a German town brings light to the fractured relationships, double lives and past of four families living there, revealing a mystery that spans across three generations.The notification popped up that it was available at the start of December so once I has a spare couple of hours on a Sunday afternoon I fired it up on my tablet, made sure my Google Chromecast was connecting to the “Big Fucking TV” (yes that is what it is named on our network, just don’t get me started what I have to say to Alexa to turn on the lights) and I was super excited.

I was looking again at the plot and the actors names. The names didn’t look like the average English names. Uh oh, I was thinking. I played the first episode and up on the screen came…

Fucking subtitles!

Yes, it was a German production and yes, perhaps I should have figured that out beforehand but I just didn’t, okay.

Now I was in two minds as to whether I should continue with this or not. Fuck it! I can read text and watch what’s going on at the same time surely? I CAN multi task!

1 episode in and I was hooked.

2 episodes in and I was throwing all my mobile devices out of reach, telling no one to talk to me while it was playing and I made sure I was sitting up straight on the sofa to avoid micros sleeps because I wanted to concentrate 100% on this fantastic show.

7 episodes in and it was still the same day!

Can you tell I love “Dark” yet?

Something that makes it even better is the soundtrack.

There are some awesome songs played during the episodes and since there is a “dark theme” to the series the songs follow suit.

I made sure I was tracking all the songs being played during the episodes because, well you know, I also have a music blog and that’s just how I roll.

I then went on to Spotify to see if there were other playlists for this show out there. I found one and it was more of a “songs inspired by the show” kind of gig but I still thought I’m having some of that, copied all those songs to my playlist and boom I have the ultimate “Dark” playlist that I will be adding more songs to over time that I find “fit the theme”.

If you’ve not watched this show yet, I don’t think I have to say this but I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve also since discovered that there is also an English dubbed version available which to be honest I prefer the subtitled version.


Finally we mustn’t forget about the good old written word and if you want read about time travel then forget Professor Hawking and get into Phil Taylor! Check out his book ‘Time To Lie” now.

Hugh Roberts is also a massive fan of time travel and this features in a few of his stories in his book ‘Glimpses’.

I have also been dabbling with putting pen to paper again and adding more to my attempt at a story – ‘The Playlist’.

There we have it – a very brief history of time travel by Steve McSteveface. Don’t worry Professor Hawking – you’ve got nothing to worry about here so you just carry on with figuring out how to get me my very own TARDIS okay?

If you are like me and obsess over certain TV shows & movies then you will probably also love buying all the associated t shirts etc to show off to the world the things you love.

For these purposes I can highly recommend TV STORE ONLINE.

Or maybe you’re not like me in that respect but you know someone who is so I’m pretty sure they too would appreciate something from here…

What about you? Do you love the idea of time travel? Do you like watching movies or TV shows when time travel is involved or does it simply confuse the shit out of you? Because although I do love it I still find my tiny little brain gets fried sometimes too!

A Very Brief History Of Time Travel by Steve McSteveface

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive commission on any purchases.

34 thoughts on “A Very Brief History Of Time Travel by Steve McSteveface

  1. In the middle of Dark right now and loving it, only stopped to research the soundtrack. Much appreciation for the playlist. Killer job!

    But how can you have a time travel list and NOT have Donnie Darko on it?! Lol

    It’s THE most complex time travel movie ever. I’ve watched it so many times and still catch stuff.


    1. Glad you like it and of course how could I forget about Donnie Darko lol. To be honest I’ve only watched it once and was totally confused so now you’ve reminded me I need to rewatch. Cheers and welcome!


      1. Get the directors cut and watch the bonus features. It helps a lot. But yes, It took me several viewings to “get” it. And I still watch it pretty regularly because I’m still not sure I’ve rasped the entire thing. lol Plus, the fan theories and explainations on Reddit and YouTube are quite enjoyable.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to agree with everyone else and say what a great read this was. I’m a huge ‘time travel’ fan, but my favourite time travel movies of all time is still the original ‘The Time Machine.’ I also loved ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ and a lesser known heart-break time travel movie called ‘Somewhere In Time.’

    As for TV shows – Dr. Who, Space 1999, Time Tunnel, Sliders, Sapphire & Steel, The Living And The Dead and, of course, Quantum Leap. I don’t have Netflix, as I’d never get around to watching it, but I heard a lot of good things about ‘Stranger Things.’
    Many of my own short stories are time-travel related and they will be back in my second book.


    1. Thanks Hugh! Some great suggestions in here and I will update this post to include a link to your book 🙂 Can you believe it’s almost time for the Doctor Who Christmas special? So excited!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, no need to that, Steve. I just wanted to mention that I also love to write time travel related short stories. I’m going to be sorry to see Peter leave Dr.Who on Christmas Day. But, I think there are exciting times ahead for the show. They’re already filming the next series but I’ve not heard when it’s going to be broadcast yet. Hopefully, next Autumn just before Strictly Come Dancing. What a Saturday night that will be. 😀


  3. Ok Firstly, great post! Secondly, I love Sci-fi was brought up on it, both my dad and brother were nuts over Sci-fi, so I know a lot of the old stuff. Back to the Future is possible the best film ever, only going on my reaction when I first saw it – edge of seat stuff and totally over excited after leaving the cinema! Have seen all of them over and over. We had a stable diet of Dr Who in our house ever since I can remember, my Dr was no’s 3 and 4 and my favourite no. 10. Fav TV show has to be Star Trek, growing up with Captain Kirk, but the best was the great Captain Jean-Luc Pickard. the Star Trek films have been good too. oops growing into a mega comment, sorry 🤣 Oh and not seen About Time – I really to!


    1. Firstly, ah why thank you kind lady! Secondly, nice to see you are a geek lady. Thirdly the only thing that annoys me about Back To The Future is the fact that we haven’t had 20 or so Jaws movies by now lol. Glad you love ten too but I’m always a little annoyed that he didn’t keep his Scottish accent. Defo go watch About Time now. You will love it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. What do you mean I didn’t have to. Did you know that in 2020 you come over to Scotland and beat me up for not doing it. I couldn’t have that as I bruise like a peach so I’ve sorted it now. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m a big science fiction fan, but time travel gives me a headache 🙂
    I only watched a few Quantom Leaps. For me, Scot Bakula is the captain in Star Trek: Enterprise.
    The tenth doctor is my favourite, the only one I’ve watched actually.
    Travellors is headache inducing, but I watch it anyway. You soon get used to Eric not being Will 🙂


  5. Great post! Tom Baker was my Doctor; my fave is hard to call. Always had a soft spot for Colin Baker, but Peter Capaldi’s grumpy uncle has taken the top spot. I know, I know, not the most ‘popular’ choices but there you go. Your enthusiasm for ‘Dark’ has sold it for me. I started watching the first episode knowing it was a German production, and was impressed with what I saw. But it was late and I needed my beauty sleep. I won’t make that mistake again!


  6. I didn’t even finish reading the post because I got too excited after reading the part about About Time! 1. I adore that movie; it’s one of my all-time favorites, and 2. the Jon Boden version of “How Long Will I Love You” was our wedding song!! *Sigh* Now I’m feeling sentimental, must go listen to the song 500 times.



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