A Situation We Can ALL Relate To (Don’t Even Try To Deny It)

Game Face

I love finding new comedy shows to binge watch and I’ve just discovered another new one called ‘Gameface‘.

It’s written by and stars the awesome comedian Roisin Conaty. The series follows Marcella’s (Conaty) life as she takes life-coaching and attempts to get a job as an actress.

One of my favourite moments so far involves a situation that everyone (don’t try to deny this) can relate to so take a few minutes to watch and whether you’d like to admit it or not you will be able to recount a similar situation in your life!

I love the moment when the song “More Than A Feeling” starts to play!

Am I right?

What new shows have you discovered recently? Let me know as I love a good binge watch.

If you want more “Game Face” you can watch on All4, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video.

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive commission on any purchases.


5 thoughts on “A Situation We Can ALL Relate To (Don’t Even Try To Deny It)

    1. You are welcome. Defo recommend watching. If you have All4 you can watch it for free. I watched all 6 episodes over the weekend and hate it when I do things like that as I’ll have to wait ages for new episodes now 😦

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  1. I can totally relate to this! I have for sure been in a situation where some bad chinese food just punched me in the gut and I had no where to go. Looks like a funny show!



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