Steve McSteveface’s Personal Life Hacks

Life Hacks are all over the internet these days – fact!

You can’t go five minutes on Facebook or YouTube without a video popping up telling you that you’ve done some task wrong your whole life.

Don’t get me wrong – I love them and one of my favourite guys that share these hacks is the Crazy Russian Hacker.

It’s got me thinking though…

What are my personal life hacks?

What do I mean by that? Well, what things do I do that might be considered a unique hack and possibly hasn’t been shared out yet?

Here goes…

My Life Hacks

1. Brush Your Teeth While Taking A Shower

I have discussed this in more detail here but surely it’s a no brainer and a sure-fire time saver. We all want that extra time in bed in the mornings so it’s always a rush to get ready in the morning.

I want to save you from being like this…

Steve McSteveface's Personal Life Hacks

All you have to do is keep your toothbrush and toothpaste in the shower and brush them while you have the shampoo on your hair!

I have even been known to wee in the shower too which is actually recommended by some colleges and also the Queen Of Pop!

2. Pizza Box Plates

I love Pizza Friday however since we have moved to the country there are no Domino delivery services close by so we make do with shop bought pizzas which is just as good – if not better.

Unlike Dominos you obviously don’t get the pizza arriving ready to eat right from the box. To those other shop bought pizza eaters who throw away the box I call you out as fools!

Keep the box, undo the edges, fold it over and viola – a pizza plate! No mess, no fuss and best of all no washing up (or in my case, loading the dishwasher but every little helps, right?)

3. Heated Takeaway Seats

Still on the theme of takeaway food, it has been known for me to go out and fetch in takeaways for work. Unlike deliver drivers I don’t have special carry cases to keep the food warm during the journey. Nope, but I do have heated seats in my car. Switch on the passenger seat just before I pick up the order and then place the order on the seat during the drive home.

Not quite a portable car oven and not like what this guy has…

Steve McSteveface's Personal Life Hacks

…but better than nothing, that’s for sure!

4. Escalator Shoe Cleaner

It happens to us all – our shoes get dirty from time to time and most of us probably don’t clean them, simply throw them away and buy a new pair when they get dirty. No, okay maybe that’s just me then…anyway most of us also travel up and down escalators from time to time.

Well, you know how most escalators have those little brushy parts at the edges – PERFECT shoe cleaners. Put your foot near them as you go up or down (or both if you have really dirty shoes) and just like magic the dirt just disappears. Other shoe cleaners are of course available.

It also helps when the escalators are rainbow coloured (not really, I just wanted another excuse to share this awesome GIF).

Steve McSteveface's Personal Life Hacks

5. De-mist Glasses

A lot of us have to deal with heating up the car in the winter mornings and for those of us who also wear glasses it can be a nightmare having to un-mist the glasses.

Spending time wiping them with a cloth only to then realise there are smears that no matter how much you rub they just won’t go! You start to panic that if you leave and drive off with them all smeared up then the smear will obscure your view of a little old lady crossing the road and you’ll send her flying!

No more, I say!

Simply take out your glasses, hold them over one of the fan heaters in the car and just watch the mist disappear!

6. Bath Bubbles

I love a good bubble bath as the next Chandler…

Steve McSteveface's Personal Life Hacks

The more bubbles the better as far as I’m concerned. Once I’m done I tend to just let the water drain and I forget about it until I get into trouble later for all the bubbles still left in the bath.

I can’t be assed standing there, waiting after the bath has drained and I’ve had my nice relaxing bath to rinse away the bubbles so I’ve discovered the perfect solution.

As the water is draining, get an aerosol can – deodorant and hairspray work well – and just spray those bubbles away.

For you information talcum powder also works as a bubble blitzer!

7. Emptying Shopping Baskets

These days I try to avoid shops that don’t have self scan check-outs but sometimes it’s necessary to go to a check-out with a conveyor belt and attended by an actual human being.

I used to sit my basket on the end and place all the items individually on the conveyor belt until one day I had a light bulb moment…

I lifted up my basket and tipped all the contents out in one go onto the belt

People did give me odd looks but I didn’t give a shit and I then had 5 extra minutes of checking my Twitter.

This is a great tip for sure but be sensible people – don’t go tipping up baskets that contain fragile items…I’ve learned that the hard way!

8. Sneaky Vape

Since I’ve stopped smoking and started vaping the opportunity to ‘smoke’ in non-smoking airports has become too much of a temptation.

To all you vapers out there – go have a sneaky vape in the toilet stalls.

Recording it and putting it up on Facebook is entirely optional and probably puts you more at risk but look how much fun…

9. The No Mess Fajita

I love fajitas and once I eventually learned how to roll them up properly the whole eating process became a lot less messy.

Steve McSteveface's Personal Life Hacks

Although, no matter how tight I made them there was always a small amount that would fall out and end up on the plate.

This might not seem like a problem until I go to make the next fajita and have to either wipe the plate first or risk “contaminating” the fresh tortilla with the previous fajita’s filling and also messing my hands in the process.

What’s the solution?

It’s quite simple – always keep a plain tortilla on the plate. That way any “fajita fall out” lands on the plain tortilla and automatically becomes the “starter filling” for the next fajita!


These ‘Steve Hacks’ are not rocket science but they work for me.

Here are a few suggested by others:

Always leave an empty bin bag in the bin so there’s always one there ready when you take out the trash.

Keep grapes in the freezer to put into warm white wine to chill it without diluting it.

Surely everyone has their own ‘hack’ so I want to hear about them. Let me know and I will add them into my list!


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12 thoughts on “Steve McSteveface’s Personal Life Hacks

  1. I’ve done the shoe cleaner escalator one. Be careful you don’t get your laces caught, though. I’m not sure about using a pizza box as a plate. I think I’ll stick to just using the table. That’s when I get to have pizza. The other half doesn’t like it.

    Here’s a Hugh Tip – when you use the dishwasher, stick your teeth in for an instant clean. They come out sparkling and smelling of lemon if you use the right the dishwasher tablets. 😁


    1. Oh yeah the dishwasher is good for a facial too if you open it up halfway through. I only wear shoes with no laces these days too so that could be a hack in itself. How can anyone not like pizza lol

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I have never thought of taking my toothbrush into the shower or tipping my shopping basket over at checkout, but seat heater and seat belt for take-away, yep. I’m all over that one. Keeping a clean tortilla under the one that’s dripping, nice 🙂
    Not sure I have a life hack of my own … does cutting the top and bottom off a pepper and then poking out the stuff in the middle count ?


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