VISITING WARSAW: Things To Do – Horror House

VISITING WARSAW: Things To Do - Horror House

Warsaw: October 2017

We visited Warsaw for the first time in October 2017. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I had a much better time than I ever thought I would.

There were so many things to do but because we were only there for a short time there will definitely be a return trip in the future.

I always like to find things to see and do that are ‘hidden gems’ or that are not so ‘mainstream’. There’s a great app I use for this called ‘Like A Local’ and this has helped us find lots of amazing places.

On our first day in Warsaw it was Greg’s turn to pick something to do and so we went to The Warsaw Uprising Museum. I get that it’s an important historical thing but for me – it’s just not my thing, sorry.

So the next day it was my turn and I had found something online that looked AWESOME!

Horror House Warsaw

Anyone who knows me will know I love all this kind of stuff and when reading some of the Trip Advisor reviews online I knew we HAD to do this!



“Made a grown man squeal!”

Watching the video advert on YouTube done nothing for except MAKE ME EVEN MORE EXCITED!

It’s recommended to book in advance so this was easy enough to do through the Facebook page and the cost per person is 30 Zl with maximum group sizes of 6 people. It’s located near the Market Square in the Old Town.

I’ll be the first to admit that because of all the crazy movies I’ve watched – such as The Hostel – my mind started wandering and as we arrived I started thinking what if something ‘real’ and by ‘real’ I mean the bad kind of real happened to us and this was some sick gang that just wanted to torture people for real!

The location of the venue didn’t do much to put those thoughts to bed…

VISITING WARSAW: Things To Do - Horror House

This idea left my mind as soon as we were in reception and joined by another a really nice couple who would be going through the experience with us.

So…what happened inside the house? Well, I’m not going to disclose that info on here because I don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone but if you do want to know more get in touch with me and I’d be happy to answer any questions.

But ask yourself this what could have POSSIBLY happened inside the house to cause these reactions:

It was as AWESOME as I thought it would have been and even Greg admitted that he was initially sceptical about it but afterwards he could have quite easily been that person who gave the review “Made a grown man squeal!”. 

It was also interesting for me to find out how I reacted to one particular event while in the house (again no spoilers so please get in touch if you want to find out what this was).

The girl on the reception was great too and took this great photo afterwards…

Horror House Warsaw

If you are ever in Warsaw and you like scary stuff then this is for you!

Finally thanks to other couple that we shared this experience with – you were great too!

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VISITING WARSAW: Things To Do - Horror House

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7 thoughts on “VISITING WARSAW: Things To Do – Horror House

  1. Can’t belive you won’t divulge some of the details. Is it because it was actually lovely, fluffy kittens and you don’t want us to laugh at how petrified you were?! 😉
    On a separate not….Aargh!! – damn WordPress is playing up again and won’t let me like/comment without going through large amounts of hoops!!



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