When Facebook Messenger Becomes A Video Battleground

When Facebook Messenger Become A Video Battleground

A Video Battle!

How the fuck does this kind of shit even happen?

We’ve all heard of the Sing Off competitions and even the Lip Sync Battles well let me introduce you to the Facebook Messenger Video Battle.

In a previous post I got bored one afternoon and filmed myself lip syncing along to ‘All By Myself’ – well, last night that was blown right out of the park while simultaneously losing any credibility I ever might have had in the first place.

The day did actually start by me actually doing “professional’ videos for work but once Friday night kicked in and after a couple of glasses of ‘Greg’s Creek‘ a random video message from one of my Facebook friends – who we shall call Lorna McLornaFace, was delivered…

To which we replied…

All very civilised you might say?

Well, from here this point forward civilisation was well and truly left behind and the crazy Video Battle began!

ROUND ONE: Chandelier

ROUND TWO: Pussy Cats vs Cows

ROUND THREE: Saturday Night vs Cheap Thrills

ROUND FOUR: Manic Monday vs Livin’ On A Prayer

ROUND FIVE: First Time vs Man In The Mirror

ROUND SIX: Vogue vs The Numa Numa Song

ROUND SEVEN: Bohemian Rhapsody vs I Want To Break Free

ROUND EIGHT: Flash vs Relight My Fire

ROUND NINE: Bjork vs George Michael

Have I finally lost the plot or what? Let me know what you think!


15 thoughts on “When Facebook Messenger Becomes A Video Battleground

  1. I love everything about this. Especially the fact that you just happened to have a Sia wig laying around. I also love how it progressed from short little sing-offs, to flow blown performances with vacuum cleaners. Solid gold.


    1. It’s and emergency Sia wig that’s came in handy on a number of occasions lol. Yeah, funny the way things just kept getting scaled up. What did you think of the light up umbrella?

      Liked by 1 person


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