The Boy Behind The Blog

The Boy Behind The Blog

I feel like I’ve not ‘written’ on my blog for a while. What do I mean by that?

Well all my recent posts have been specifically focussed on a topic rather than me talking about me. So, let’s just freestyle and talk about me for a little while?

Does that make me a narcissist?

No! Absolutely NOT!

I think that getting a larger than life canvas of myself – you know, North Korean stylee – successfully proved that a long time ago…

The Boy Behind The Blog

There will of course be links to other blog posts in this ‘freestyle’ as I’m not a fucking idiot and I’m also not a liar – I want more traffic and stats just like everyone else does and I will still craft this piece of “writing” to appeal to advertisers, sponsors and possibly even Donald Trump – he has a massive following on Twitter don’t you know?

Travel! Travel! Travel!

If I was a Fraggle this year I would be…

Uncle Travelling Matt as I have been so many new places and loved every minute of it. So much so that when we went on our ‘beach holiday’ in September I got bored. Yes, bored sitting around a pool, drinking wine from an Iced Tea bottle (so we didn’t get caught drinking alcohol purchased from another establishment, we are NOT amateurs) and doing pretty much nothing. Who would have thought that would bore me? Well, to be fair for the first few days it was simply bliss but I definitely couldn’t have spent more than a week partaking in the art of doing fuck all.

I have a list of travel related posts to publish as long as Justin Bieber’s dick so watch this space. If you want to see some of my adventures so far then I’d really appreciate knowing what you think and sharing back your experiences if you have been to these places too.

My next stop is Warsaw and I don’t actually know too much about the place except for “The Pact” but I really don’t think that’s something you can stand in front of and take a selfie!

If you have been to Warsaw – please let me know of any ‘hidden gems’ we should be looking out for.

Wine Making

I’ve had my blogging hobby for almost 4 years and Greg’s never really had a ‘hobby’. At one point it got to the point I had ‘blog talk time’  a window of time where I was allowed to talk to him about my blog. However, recently he has discovered home brewing – wine to be precise.

As far as I’m concerned this is the best hobby he could have ever picked! I get all the benefits but don’t have to do any of the work. I will write about this in more detail soon, I’m sure, but so far we have had…

“Greg’s Creek” – currently being consumed daily

“Steve Falls” – currently in the garage, bottled, labelled and maturing (maturing? Maybe I should sit in there with it then…)

The Boy Behind The Blog

…and we are currently awaiting some concoction that has been made using parsnips. I’m not too sure how this one will turn out…

I’ve been kind of put off it from the outset as the other day after we had chicken curry for dinner the night before and bearing in mind I have 3 cats…the next evening I opened the back door and was almost knocked out by a smell which, if it was ever bottled up as a fragrance, would be called…

“Curry, Cat Shit and Parsnip Farts”

I don’t think I will be taking that idea to the Dragons’ Den anytime soon.

Talking of the Dragons’ Den – I love that show and I was so pleased when two of the Dragons replied to my tweets recently!

Deborah Meaden Twitter

Jenny Campbell Twitter

New Stuff

I am hopefully going to get a brand new shiny iPhone X next month!

So, when I tell people ‘things aren’t as important as having good health and being happy’ I am pretty much lying my ass off.

I LOVE stuff!

If I had to choose between buying the latest gadget or paying to build a new well for people in Africa* who have to walk 3 miles to get fresh water from a well – I’d buy the gadget every time. Those people should have the smarts and live closer to the well in the first place!

Goodnight Terry

Okay, I’m going to try to be serious for a minute. I’ve wanted to acknowledge this for a while now but haven’t been sure how so this seems like the ideal opportunity. I can’t remember the reason I started to follow Terry’s blog but I did. A year or so ago his posts started to talk about his hospital visits and then over time these visits became much more serious and he got very ill, very quickly. It was very sad to follow his health deteriorate but very inspiring at the same time in the fact that he kept on blogging until the time came when he hit publish for the final time – not only on his blog but on his life.

His partner Gary has taken over the blog to keep Terry’s memory alive and that’s just awesome – good luck Gary and sleep well Terry.

Talk About Pop Music

My music blog is getting more popular all the time and that makes me really happy. It’s even been nominated for an award so if you feel like giving me a quick vote then that would be awesome and thanks to everyone who already follows! The Twitter account has just passed 1000 followers so as far I’m concerned that’s a big milestone.


If you love music and you love Autumn then one of the more recent playlist might be right up your leaf covered street…

If you let me know your favourite ‘Autumn Song’ I will add it to the playlist because I am just that nice!


Yes, it’s coming to that time of year again. It will be a really difficult year this year for us. We suffered a big loss last year and this will be our first Christmas without a very dear friend. He provided us with so many great memories of the festive period and I’m not sure how we will cope this year without him. However, we have Faith that we will get through it! RIP George Michael!

I’m really excited about producing this year’s Awkward Christmas Photos. It’s always so much fun and all the new posts as well as previous years always get good traffic in December. I was thinking about spreading that ‘traffic love’ and offering the option to people of sponsoring a photo where I would link to their blog from their chosen photo…or something like that, it’s just an idea so I’d appreciate your thoughts on that.

Finally, last year I did an online radio show last year just before Christmas where a whole bunch of us listened together, chatted, drank Christmas party juice and played our favourite Christmas tunes. I had so MUCH fun that night so I am going to do it again this year – look out for the ‘Steve McSteveface’s Christmas Party’ post coming real soon!

That’s really it from me for now. There will be more ‘themed’ posts coming soon and I would really love to know what you have been up to in the last few months – tell me about the ‘boy/girl behind the blog’ in the comments below.

*Steve McSteveface does actually donate to Oxfam every month and sometimes says stupid things in the hope of getting a quick laugh and more often than not fails miserably…

41 thoughts on “The Boy Behind The Blog

  1. Found you from Hugh’s blog, made me laugh, which isn’t easy at the moment as I’m in full on:- no sleep, stress-head mode as I’m packing up a house & moving onto a boat! So yeah will catch up with more of your blog as I do love wine 🍷 ‘a little too much at the mo’ anyway I also followed Terry, was very sad. Anyway loved your post, thanks for making me chuckle, it’s back to packing for me & maybe I’ll get chance soon to sit down & catch up with my own blog 🙄 📦🍷👋


      1. Yeah moving from a 3 bed house to a canal boat, aim to trip about a bit in that & also the camper van we have, so hopefully some blogging material will be appearing soon. A good or bad idea, this move thing? Well I’ll let you know 🤔😃


  2. Another Christmas party? Count me in. Anything to open my ballgown and glitter cupboard. I heard that Apple didn’t want anybody buying the iPhone X. Are you sure you’re doing the right thing? I’m still living in 2013 with an iPhone 6 and loving it. I need saving. Can you send me some of Greg’s creek, please?


      1. I read somewhere that it had a lot of bugs which Apple were going to take ages to sort out, plus they wanted to concentrate on getting the iPhone 8 right first. I can’t remember where I read it, but it also said it was one of the reasons why they were pricing it so high – to put people off buying it until they’d sorted the problems. However, I realise we can’t believe everything we read on the internet. Who knows, maybe one of their competitors wrote the article? 😁


  3. My first post of yours, and it seems like a great starting point. Can’t wait to read more!
    Also, where can I get myself a personal wine maker? Greg seems like a good get.


      1. Well, I am fortunate to live between two of the best wine producing regions on the west coast: the Willamette Valley and Hood River. Neither is much more than an hour away, so good wine is pretty handy. But…as handy as the garage?!? Nah. Can’t beat wine shopping in a robe. 😂


      2. It’s maybe a bit too handy. I am however looking forward to “Steve Falls” being ready to drink. The Parsnip wine – well, the jury’s out on that one lol

        Liked by 1 person

  4. As if you’re buying the X-phone!! You know we’re Apple fanatics but even Sam won’t stretch to a grand.
    Very sorry to hear about your blogging friend – it’s lovely that his partner will continue the site in his memory 🙂
    We have several demi-johns and multiple wine bottles if you want them for Greg’s hobby. But it’s buyer to collect!


    1. Buyer to collect? You just want me to come and visit, don’t you? Technically I am buying it…I’m in the Apple plan so I get a new iPhone every year by paying money to them each month which means I end up paying way over the normal price, who’s the mug here Haylee lol. We have two Demi johns sitting on the kitchen floor right now as well as various other bits and pieces EVERYWHERE. I just like designing the labels and drinking the wine. I’m going to invest in a shed I think so he can bugger off in there and come out with the good stuff lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good idea – I convinced Sam to do his beer brewing at his parents. They have a much bigger garage and it meant I didn’t have to clean anything up! But yes, visit the City of Culture and we’ll take you for a pattie butty!!


      2. Not since he started working for a brewery – doesn’t have time but got a career out of his hobby. So maybe you two will end up with a vineyard!


      3. F-ing hell thats what Greg said. He’s working on beer next so maybe that can be called Bingo’s Brew or Disco’s Drink or Aggie’s Ale. I sooooo need to get out more!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Oh apparently gregs been having thoughts of his own (cheek!) and it’s to be called Greg’s Grog. He thinks he’s in the Waterhole in Neighbours or something!


      1. True! I read a thing the other day that made me think… It was talking about life I think and it kind of went along the lines of ‘we’re not going to get out of this thing alive so enjoy it, etc etc”


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