How Do You Visit The Past? You “Google Street View” It



Have you ever reminisced your past using Google Street view? I have and I would absolutely recommend it…

I was inspired by a post from Russell Ray Photos in which he went on a Google Street tour of houses he had previously lived in. What a fantastic idea and I’ve done exactly the same!


photo_1 (3)

Although I haven’t lived here for 20 years I still think of it, and probably always will, as home.

My mum still lives there and I still visit but it’s strange-looking at the photo and thinking of all the memories…

We would hit balls off the end wall much to everyone’s annoyance.
We would jump through the hedges.
We would play in the puddle, or slide on the ice in the winter, that always formed in front of the gate.
We played Kerby on the road at the front.

I couldn’t have asked for a better place to grow up!

Gran ‘Pherson’s House


This was my Dad’s parents house. We called them Gran & Papa Pherson since I was little as I couldn’t say the full name and I guess it kind of stuck. This is a sheltered housing complex for old people and the house of theirs I remember most. I remember the day they moved in and I thought the place was massive. I was so fascinated with the elevator and all the lit up door bells.

I used to help the Warden in her office and I would deliver bottles of lemonade to all the residents. It was brilliant fun and I got paid!

We would visit every Saturday without fail. There were of course other random visits but Saturday was the main visit. I seem to have a memory of visiting out with the Saturday visits and the place would smell of vinegar – I’m not quite sure why, but it did…

Gran Coulter’s House

photo_2 (3)

This was my Mum’s parents house and also the house that she too grew up in. Again, we would visit every Saturday. When I was younger I would help my Papa in his garage or help my Gran with the washing up.

All the family would visit on New Year’s Day, get drunk and tell the same stories every year. I probably rolled my eyes at the time but it would be so great to hear them all again!

University Halls Of Residence

photo_3 (1)

Student accommodation at its finest. It looked more like a prison but it was a fucking fun prison. I spent one of the best years of my life here!

Our flat was called the “House Of Fun” and it so was!

We took people’s doors off the hinges, we took home an industrial sized wheelie bin because our one got too full too quick, we decided it would be fun to surf on the ironing board rather than iron our clothes and we played tennis with frying pans and tomatoes! Great memories, great times and great people.

My First Shared Flat


Going from living with six other people to just one was a bit of a shock to the system. I did like living here but before we moved in we didn’t realise it was one of the “rougher” areas of the city. I’m thankful to this day we never came across any trouble.

We had a washing machine in the living room for some reason. I came home drunk one night and decided it would be a good idea to visit the upstairs neighbours. The upstairs neighbours decided it would be a good idea to handcuff me to a rowing machine and send my flat mate a ransom note!

The Galleria

photo (10)

I lived in two different flats here and loved it. I moved into the first one during summer when I had my first real part-time job and could buy cool stuff for the first time. It was a brand new building with an inside outside courtyard type thing. It was on a popular road with people going to and from the bars and clubs as is obvious from the photo and the vomit stain!

The front door had a magnetic lock and it was the first one I’d ever used. It worked really well until one New Year when there was a power cut and no one could get in or out the door. I remember climbing in the little window, drunk, at 4 o’clock that New Year’s morning thinking what a hoot it was. I then remember struggling very badly trying to get back out of it 3 hours later to go to work!

My First Grown Up Flat

photo_1 (4)

This was a nice new flat down near the beach. I didn’t live here long. Well, long enough to realise that the other person in the relationship with me wasn’t the right one for me.

My First Bachelor Pad

photo_2 (5)

My first time living on my own. I HAD A GREAT TIME! I have many brilliant memories of this flat but I try to blur out being pretty much being sexually molested by the next door neighbour who decided to invite herself inside while dressed as a fairy, push me on my bed and attempt to mount me – she was a big lass!

This flat had one negative side and that was the temperature. It was very negative, in fact I don’t think it ever got above freezing inside. I had electric blankets, hot water bottles, I even closed all the curtains and pinned them to the wall to keep the heat in but you could still see your breath in the morning before you even got out of bed. Never mind, I found ways of keeping warm here…

My First Flat With Greg

photo (9)

Greg and I moved in here as a temporary measure. We stayed for 6 years, filled every corner of this small flat and got a cat. It was great here, centre of the city and we had many great times but in the end it was just too small to live in and stay sane.

Our First House

photo_4 (1)

We have lived here six years now, got another couple of cats and created a nice home (and garden). No, we’ve not turned into sheep and decided to live in a field – the house is new and so isn’t on Street View yet. We love it here, the cats love it here and we’ve got nicknames for all our neighbours so what else can we ask for? It’s not our “forever” home but it’s a brilliant “for now” home.

I’ve really enjoyed this trip down memory lane, go ahead and try it I’d love to know more about the journey you’ve travelled to get to where you are now!


14 thoughts on “How Do You Visit The Past? You “Google Street View” It

  1. Love this. Before I even finished reading the post, I went and looked up my parents’ house. A few years ago, the street view had my first car out front and it had been decorated for our homecoming game. (Ok, maybe it was more than a few years ago…)


  2. Weird I actually did this last night. The first place I’d lived with a girlfriend about ten years ago. My only thoughts were, ‘we had sex there’ ‘and there’ ‘and there’… The fondest memories stick with you.

    Liked by 1 person


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