Simple Skills, Awesome Results!

One Man One Cup

When Did You Last Learn Something New?

What was the last “skill” you taught yourself? I’m not talking anything academic or sporty here – just something simple that you can use as a party trick.

Recently, I watched an interview with Anna Kendrick when she was asked to do the “Cup Song” from Pitch Perfect. I was amazed, it looked so difficult and I thought how awesome it was that she could do it.

“There’s NO WAY I could do that”, I thought

A few weeks passed and I decided to give it a try. I mentally prepared myself that it would take ages.

There are hundreds of video tutorials on YouTube and I found the one below to be the best. So, I got my Superman cup and followed the instructions…

I was shocked and amazed that I could do it perfect, every time after only 30 minutes of concentration, swearing and cups being launched across the room…

As for singing at the same time, I very much doubt that will ever happen.

I know it’s no big thing but I was actually really pleased with my accomplishment and it’s a great pub/party trick.

Now, I’m on the quest to find a new “skill” to learn.

I did toy with the idea of this but I think that’s way too unrealistic. If you can think of anything you think I could try please let me know.

In the meantime I might concentrate on this instead…

Donations or suggestions of Superman related footwear would be greatly appreciated😊

What about you? What’s your party trick?

Can you do the “cup song”? If you can’t then I’d really love if you could give it a try, video the results and I will share it here.

This will be a constantly updated post sharing my new skills and also any of yours too so make sure you bookmark it and keep checking back.

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10 thoughts on “Simple Skills, Awesome Results!

    1. A few times only. It’s really a lot easier than you would think! I watched it a few times before trying it and it’s kind of broken into two parts. Master one, then the other and join them together. Are you going to give it a try? Pleeeeease!

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