De-constructed Bounty

If I Turn The Cooker On – That Counts As Cooking, Right?

You Say Bake Off? I Say Fuck Off!

I’m not a good cook, baker or…candlestick maker?

I don’t cook because I’m not good at it and hate the thought of spending two hours preparing something that is gone in five minutes.

I don’t bake because the thought of having to use exact measurements bothers me.

As for candlesticks, well – what’s the point in them anyway?

However, I like to think I’m creative and wondered if I could mix it up a little bit and create “arty” food.

My favourite chocolate bar is a Bounty and I thought it would be a good idea to de-construct a Bounty, add ice cream & chocolate sauce and serve as dessert.

I present to you…

“De-constructed Bounty”


It was delicious and looked good too!

If you would like the recipe then please refer to the first line of this post and use your imagination.

Steve McSteveface on Twitter


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