A Comedy Come Together


I’m not sure what this says about me as a person but when I watch comedy shows I always seem to like the extra, more eccentric characters more than the main characters themselves.

Some examples are below and wouldn’t it be great if all these characters could come together in a comedy of their own?

Karen from Will & Grace

Will & Grace is an American sitcom on NBC focussing on the relationship between William Truman and Grace Adler. Karen Walker was the sharp-tongued, rich, alcoholic, pill popping enigma who worked with Grace. Her one liners, sarcasm and hysterical laugh were some of my main reasons for watching this show and I am SO EXCITED that it is coming back!

Grumio from Plebs

Plebs is a British television series broadcast on ITV2. It was first broadcast in March 2013, and is produced by Tom Basden, Caroline Leddy, Sam Leifer and Teddy Leifer. It stars Joel Fry, Tom Rosenthal and Ryan Sampson, who play young residents of ancient Rome. The format has been compared to The Inbetweeners, Up Pompeii and Blackadder.

Grumio is a slave and has some of the wittiest lines delivered in a very funny and very dry tone. I love him!

Jim from Friday Night Dinner

Friday Night Dinner is a UK sitcom broadcast on Channel 4 about a Jewish family and their experiences during their regular Friday Night Dinners.

Jim is the next door neighbour of the family and is a strange, awkward man with an obsession for Jackie, the mother of the family. He just puts me in hysterics with his mannerisms, his comments and his complete randomness. I can’t wait for the new episodes coming in summer.

Mrs Treacher from How Not To Live Your Life

How Not To Live Your Life was a UK sitcom on BBC Three about a twenty-something called Dan and his trials and tribulations through life after inheriting his grandmother’s house.

Mrs Treacher is the elderly next door neighbour who eventually moves in with Dan and is a grouchy old lady obsessed with sex after her husband died.

Dan from Him & Her

Him & Her was a UK sitcom on BBC Three based around the antics of a lazy couple who spent most of their time in their very tiny and messy flat. Dan was the neighbour (I see a theme emerging here) who lacked in social skills but made up for in beard growing skills.

He could make me laugh just by standing in the doorway and swaying with his hand on his hip.

Lillian from Shameless

Shameless was a UK comedy-drama based around characters on a poor housing estate in Manchester. Lillian started off as one of the very minor characters but soon ended up becoming a regular when she started running her own brothel.

Now, can you imagine a show with all of these characters? I think I would go into meltdown!

What about you? What characters would you love to see come together in one show? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @mrmcsteveface





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