Steve McSteveface’s Ultimate Guide To Cat Selfies!

Steve McSteveface's Ultimate Guide To Cat Selfies!

We all love cats, don’t we?

We all love taking photos too, right?

Here’s the ultimate guide to cat selfies.

First of all you need a cat – otherwise they are just selfies. If you don’t have your own cat then ask neighbours, friends or family if they are willing to lend you their cats for the purposes of art.

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I’d be willing to rent out one of my three cats – they already know how to work with the camera…

Some of my cats even have price tags attached.

Cat Selfie

A camera is obviously essential – selfie sticks are optional.

Cat Selfie Stick

Make sure the camera doesn’t get too close to the cat.

Cat Selfie

Get the cat to suggest an album cover that they would be interested in trying to re-create.

Cat Selfies

Cats prefer to have accessories on their collars as opposed to little bells. They have been campaigning on this for years.

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Flowers, collars & ties or bandanas perhaps don’t alert the birds in the garden that there’s a cat coming so well as a bell – your cats will become bird murderers or ‘burderers’ for the purposes of the cat selfie.

Teach your cat a party trick and capture that in the photo. Cats that can turn their ears inside out are in high demand…

Cat Selfie

…whereas cats who try to eat your breakfast cereal are not!

Cat Selfies

Once you begin to master the art of the cat selfie you might be able to get two at the same time. However, I’ve discovered it’s near impossible to get three at once – if you have succeed with this please let me know.

Never put your cat in danger for the purpose of a photo. If they want to climb up on roofs of their own accord then that’s fine!

Cat Selfie

You’ll soon learn when the cats just want to be left alone and are not interested in photos time!

As well as re-creating album covers, it’s also a good idea to re-create famous movie scenes but remember that you should NEVER shave your cat!

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It’s also advisable never to own a Sphynx breed of cat – they are very ugly, very evil and look like they have been born inside-out! Cats should be FLUFFY!

Christmas is the BEST time for cat selfies!

Use props! Anything from boxes to umbrellas work really well.

If you have no props – buy some!

Finally – don’t let all the power get to their heads and remember to include humans in the photos from time to time.

What’s your tips for taking the purrrrrfect cat selfie?

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Share them with me! Oh and since I have a music blog too – it would have been rude not to do this…

Just Meow - A Playlist For Cats

While you ponder over which photos you want to share take a look at the awesome video below.

For more pictures of my fur babies keep a look out on my Flickr site.

Steve McSteveface's Ultimate Guide To Cat Selfies!

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41 thoughts on “Steve McSteveface’s Ultimate Guide To Cat Selfies!

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Hey cat lovers! Have you checked out this guide to taking the ultimate cat selfie yet? If not, I’d love it if you could take a look and share it if you enjoy it!

    If you have already checked it out then that’s puuuuurfect – but check again as there’s now a music playlist too because we all know that a kitty loves a ditty!


  2. That has to be one of the most informative post on photography tips . Unfortunately I don’t have a cat but I do have four dogs . Perhaps I can try with them . The photos were marvellous but the writing was awesome!


    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your feedback 🙂 and yes, I’m sure dogs would wor just as well – if not better as cats can be d***s lol


  3. A cat selfie would result in a sneeze festival for me. But, with your helpful tips, I will be able to enlighten others who are not allergic. My absolute favorite pic is the extreme-cat-nose-close-up.


  4. Thank you for using that video! Seriously, ever since that happened “I can hug all the cats!” has been one of our running jokes… because cats stack really well and will organize themselves for easy hugging if you leave them to it.

    Also, thank you for this excellent guide to cat selfies. I would never have thought to give the cat a creative voice in the process, but your way generates such fantastic results I’m going to have to try it.


  5. I love cats. I love them so much, I actually prefer them to humans (no offence). I’m totally here for cat selfies. Mine now have to involve the neighbours’ cats, but they all seem to migrate to my garden anyway, which makes it very easy for me (am sure it’s got nothing to do with the little treats I occasionally give them!).


  6. I almost bought you a cat selfie outfit kit for your birthday… but then assumed you’d already have one! I really like the second Christmas image, with the soft focus.



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