What’s Your View?

I suppose everyone has their own favourite type or style of photos they like to take and look at.

I only discovered my favourite recently as I discussed in this post:

Photography: A Muse From Behind

It kind of happened out of the blue but I love photos of people where they have been taken from behind photographed from a distance while not facing the camera.


I’ve been travelling a fair amount recently and I was inspired recently by a post from ace travel blogger – A Brummie Abroad. Every places she visits she always takes a photo of her favourite drink, Aperol Spritzes. What a great idea, I thought, now why didn’t I do something like that? I made a note to myself to start doing something like that.

And then I had a light bulb moment

After frantically going through all my photos from last year’s holiday destinations including Las Vegas, Stockholm & Ukraine – I already had my theme! Behind!

A visit to Fremont Street, Las Vegas

A trip to Skansen – an outdoor museum in Stockholm, Sweden

Travel Photography

The Mother Motherland statue in Kyiv, Ukraine

The Spanish Steps in Rome, Italy

Travel Photography

The Old Town, Warsaw


Oh – and finally this is from our visit to Pripyat during the Chernobyl tour – my Ukrainian isn’t too great but I’m sure this sign says ‘Does My Ass Look Good In These Jeans?”

What about you – what’s your favourite style of photography?


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Travel Photography: A View From Behind

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41 thoughts on “TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY: A View From Behind

  1. I’m not sure I have a style I tend to click and go. About 5 years ago I did that thing which seems to be popular where you take a photo a day for 365. It certainly made me think and look at stuff in a different way.


  2. I think if it looks good then it works! I have an excellent shot of my two (once young) boys walking away from me on holiday with their arms round each others shoulders; that said if they see me with a camera the shots all look unnatural so when they aren’t looking things pan out much better; not that I’m an expert or anything and probably make an amateur look good!


      1. I guess that’s where professional portrait artistes score with the right kit, good lighting and one heck of a chunk of patience. Totally with you though, there’s something special about a random natural photo that other methods just cant quite repeat.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Mine is probably jumping photos. My husband is soooo good at taking them (because we’ve been doing it for 10ish years) I’ve jumped in pretty places all over the world. 😀

    On walks I end up with lots of photos from behind my husband as I’m busy taking photos so he always gets ahead of me. Ooops.


      1. Do it!!
        You just need an accomplice that is good at pressing the shutter speedily! 😀

        I don’t think it would be possible to do jumping selfies!?


  4. I’m afraid that photography is not my strong point… But I love the angle in these photos, like walking into the picture


  5. I take quite a few of Sam in this pose, usually because he refuses to pose properly for me and I’m holding everything up taking photos as he walks off into the distance! My style used to be ‘close ups of random stuff, usually in monochrome’ but I mix it up these days a bit more. I do like taking from a low angle upwards though. And lines and curves, things that look abstract. I love the one outside the Skansen entrance, great colours.


    1. Thanks. Yeah Greg is rubbish when he knows I’m a taking a photo he just stands there and trying to get him to do something interesting is hard work. Whereas when he takes photos of me I am happy to make a tit of myself but then when I check his photos he always messes it up. Oh well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are right…but how to name it?? I don’t know?? How about visiting my site and name the photography style ??? The image in the header is clicked by me… and few more!!!



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