Visiting Stockholm: Places To Stay – Elite Hotel Arcadia

Visiting Stockholm: Places To Stay – Elite Hotel Arcadia

Visiting Stockholm: Places To Stay – Elite Hotel Arcadia

During March 2017 we visited Stockholm for the second time, the main purpose on this occasion was to attend the Melodifestivalen final, staying for three nights.

Last time we stayed in central Stockholm so this time, to try and save some money, we looked at options slightly outside the centre. That wasn’t really a big deal since we already knew how awesome the TunnelBana system is so we were confident that it would still be quick, easy and an absolute joy to get anywhere! I mean where else in the world would you have rainbow escalators?

Stockholm Subway

The area was called Tekniska… supposedly a student area of the city and the place we stayed was a converted block of student accommodation.

Thinking back to my student accommodation I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about this idea just yet.

The Hotel

Upon arrival the hotel looked really welcoming but bear in mind it was dark by this time. There was even a red carpet for me although I’m sure that this was more to do with keeping the dirt out than welcoming us in.

The lady at the check in desk was, of course, very pleasant – it’s Sweden after all where everyone is pleasant! Although, when she asked if we were there for business or pleasure and I told her we were there to attend the Melfest final.

She laughed slightly uncomfortably and said “oh, don’t tell me” and I still haven’t worked out if she was embarrassed for us or jealous of us!

The entrance foyer was very smart and we could easily see the bar, restaurant and breakfast room as she pointed them out to us.

I laughed at her not at all uncomfortably when she told us there was a gym we could make use of!

Wifi was free (maybe that is just standard these days, if not it should be!). Our room was on the 4th floor so She then pointed us towards the lift.

The Lift

For quite a modern looking hotel, this lift seemed quirkily out of place so of course I loved it! It perhaps wouldn’t have looked out of place in the ‘Ghostbusters’ HQ or ‘The Shining’. You could see inside the lift shaft and all the inner workings as you waited for the it to come. You then had to open the door manually to get in (I know, right?). Also, word of advice once you are inside and the lift is moving, don’t touch the door again as it stops, everyone else in the lift panics and it goes back to the nearest floor. Oh come, of course that happened to me! Did I also love the fact that the Swedish word for lift is ‘hiss’ and to call the lift the button is marked Hit! Of. Course!

Never touch the door when the lift is moving and then take a selfie!
Never take a wheely bin into the lift unless you want to die!

The Room

When we arrived on the 4th floor it was immediately obvious that it used to be student accommodation (or possibly a jail!) by the number of rooms, or cupboards/cells as I initially thought they looked like.

The door opened outwards and I was definitely expecting a room of broom cupboard proportions or perhaps a padded room behind it. I’m sure after my lift excitement some might say that a padded cell might suit me better!

However, we were very pleasantly surprised.

It was a reasonable size, looked really clean and it had everything we needed. As with the previous hotel, the beds are very, very soft and maybe not to everyone’s taste but that’s fine by me. Even the fact that I woke up one morning before both my arms and thought someone had chopped them off in the night didn’t put me off the softness of this bed.

The mini bar was left untouched but it was reassuring to know it was there. The absence of a kettle and coffee however was slightly disappointing – I do miss my morning coffee!

The bathroom was perfect, a walk in shower, fluffy towels and all the usual bits and pieces that you need for a short stay.

The air conditioning was a bit difficult to figure out but I think we eventually conquered it without opting for my usual solution of pressing this…

The room did heat up real quick especially if the curtains were left open during the day and the winter sun was free to beat in through the windows so top tip here – leave the curtains closed if you go out during the day.

All in all the room met our expectations and all of our needs, I can’t fault it.

As a smoker I’m used to going outside for a cigarette these days and quite happy to do so. Sadly, there was a lack of bins outside the front of the hotel and this resulted in lots of discarded cigarette butts littering the front of building. If I missed a designated smoking area then it’s because it wasn’t obviously marked and judging by the state of the ground no one else could find it either.

You can’t see them BUTT they are there!

I did make an effort to go across the street to the nearest bin and drop my butts in there. So a tip for Elite – install a little bin and it will seriously make a big difference as currently the first impression being given is not as it could be due to all the cigarette butts.

The Bar & The Breakfast

The bar is pretty small as in it’s a big shiny drinks cabinet near reception. But there are plenty of comfy seats and it’s a nice area to chill out in or have a quick drink before heading out for the evening.

Breakfast was served in a nice, bright room with a selection of food for the health conscious (each to their own) and a selection of food for the unhealthy conscious people (oh come to Steve you heart attack on a plate you). Proper bacon, soft scrambled egg, sausages and toast really hit the spot for us and on our first morning after a visit to the Vodkabarren the night before, it either (1) soaked up the hangover nicely or (2) diluted the alcohol which still making us drunk – I couldn’t quite decide which until later realising I hadn’t sobered up until we were about to get on the SkyView ride in the Globen area.

There did seem to be a lack of pastries, muffins and bakery stuff on the breakfast buffet which I usually like to tuck into with my coffee/pack in my jacket pockets for afternoon snacks (I know it’s not just me that does this as I’ve witnessed many people do this too).

Oh well, a croissant and a Digestive had to do. As always with buffet breakfasts make sure you fill yourself right up to shirt button popping limits as it can set you up for the day without having to stop for lunch. The breakfast at Elite certainly fulfilled that criteria!

Would I recommend this hotel? For sure! Aside from the very minor things I point out above this was an extremely pleasant experience.

Thanks Elite Arcadia!

What about you? Have you stayed here? Where else would you recommend staying in Stockholm? Let me know in the comments below.

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Visiting Stockholm: Places To Stay – Elite Hotel Arcadia

42 thoughts on “Visiting Stockholm: Places To Stay – Elite Hotel Arcadia

  1. Holy crap! That warning about crushing your face with a wheely bin is crazy!
    Makes you wonder… is this a warning they created because it’s happened before, or are the ppl creating these warnings just really sadistic?


      1. You two just made me look up elevator accidents and i just watched a video on the best way to survive a free-fall in an elevator. Talk about the odd places a blog post will take you.


  2. I want to go but I know the elevator situation would give me a panic attack. That sign in it would have cracked me up, though. I’m weird that way with the morbid sense of humor.


  3. The rainbow escalator puts all other escalators to shame! I’m glad they warned you not to take a wheely bin in the lift haha. Arghh I hate it when there isn’t a vast choice of pastries and other baked goods…that’s the best bit! I sneak a few out with me as well 😉


  4. I feel like it would have taken me about 5 go-arounds to figure out the elevator thing. While I’m sure it’s super confusing to the uninitiated, It’s probably also really funny to those who know and get to watch the panic as it happens. And that escalator!!


  5. The rainbow escalator gif is EVERYTHING! Totally amazing. Hey, it sounds like a canny hotel, you’ve done a great review of it. I would definitely avoid the wheelie bin death lift though 🙂


  6. This was awesome. Loved the rainbow escalator, and the lift, except of course the potential death scenario that the warning sign made clear. Excellent review. You should write for travel magazines!


    1. Haha yeah how awesome was that sign! Thanks for your feedback but I’m not sure my ‘type’ of travel review would be wanted by magazines haha. I’ve got so many travel reviews to write as I’ve been so many places this year already so look out world lol

      Liked by 1 person

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