Is Your Head As Good As You Think It Is?

Is Your Head As Good As You Think It Is?

Are your instructions good enough?

Have you ever worked with somebody who just doesn’t do anything you’ve asked them to do properly?

I’d love it if you could take a few minutes to watch this vlog below (it’s got Elmo in it so it’s a must watch, right?)

What did you think? Do you have any similar stories? I’d love for you to share them with me.

Until next time, here’s more Elmo…

Steve McSteveface on TwitterIs Your Head As Good As You Think It Is?

28 thoughts on “Is Your Head As Good As You Think It Is?

  1. Oh no! Poor new girl!!

    This sounds a lot more fun to listen to than some of the speeches I have sat though at work. I bet it was a fun presentation! 🙂


  2. Old joke now! But well fit for purpose. Nice to see and hear you, too.

    I once spent ages writing out detailed instructions on how to use an Excel spreadsheet I’d created for a company I was leaving. Happy with my work, I gave it to the owner and had him run through it to see if I’d made sense or not.
    Failed nearly immediately as he had no idea he had to click into a field before right clicking for menu options. Doh! Time to start over from the top…

    I’ve had to write a few procedures for work now. I hand the paperwork to someone who has never done the task and see how it goes. Works a treat.

    Then I have the people that I email a yes or no question to, and I get a long winded response that answers neither. Sigh.


  3. Well, when it comes to misunderstanding the words, I must confess I was curious as to what you meant with the title of your post. I’m afraid I had more sordid thoughts going through my mind.


  4. You’re a natural, Steve, but then you’re also a D.J. Only thing I can think of was asking someone (who just happened to be Scottish) to get me a pint of larger. I ended up getting a pina colada! It must have been my Welsh accent! 🙄


  5. This reminds me of my colleague being really confused about why anyone would be so eager to go to a 32nd birthday party – she couldn’t understand the point of staying there for half a minute! (Actual true story) 😉

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  6. Ha Ha love it…poor new girl. I have a plethora of Managers that don’t follow instructions. Keep the videos coming, loving a bit of Scotch patter in the mornings. You should record yourself saying ‘Burglar Alarm’ now that would make me die!



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