Three Things That I Can’t Do And One Thing That I Can Do

Three Things That I Can't Do And One Thing That I Can Do

What Things Can’t You Do?

Is it being negative to talk about things we “can’t do”? Some people say there’s no such word as “can’t” after all.

Well, it is definitely a word and there are definitely things that we simply can’t do. It’s just the way we were made.

Three Things That I Can’t Do And One Thing That I Can Do

So, sit back, watch my vlog below and discover things I can’t do and the thing I can.

Warning – it’s not really for the squeamish

It’s also not for the people who are easily offended by looking at my face while listening to me talk.

It wasn’t that bad – was it? What about you? Tell me 3 things that you can’t do and 1 thing you can. Write a post about it or be a bit more adventurous and get in front of the camera! I can’t wait!

I love doing these vlog posts but it’s not as easy thinking of topics for vlogs as it is for blogs so I am open to suggestions! What would you like to see me vlogging about in the future? Let me know in the comments!

Three Things That I Can't Do And One Thing That I Can Do

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48 thoughts on “Three Things That I Can’t Do And One Thing That I Can Do

  1. That crossing your fingers thing is pretty freaky! I can curl my tongue but I cannot wink my right eye without the other one closing at the same time….turning it into a blink, not a wink.


  2. So funny! The crossing fingers is a great party trick Steve. I can’t roll my tongue, I can’t cross all my fingers and I can’t take a photo of someone without smiling while I’m doing it (I’m smiling for them on the other side of the camera!!). I can, however, hold my tongue when I need to. 😊


  3. So your vlog raised a question in my head – is opening and closing your eyes actually called ‘linking’ but with one (w-on) its abbreviated to winking and BOTH abbreviated to blinking? 😉 I can’t wink either, Sam had me trying it yesterday in the pub and I looked liked I was having a bit of a turn if I’m honest! Good idea for a vlog though, I’ll have to up my game!


    1. You thought about that too much lol. So you can’t wink with either eye? Can you roll your tongue. Looking forward to your next vlog. I’m planning to finally to the q&a one soon. Better late than never right?

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      1. Nope, but I can roll my tongue… into three. Which is even more of a niche skill! Can do the bendy thing with my fingers too and pick most things up with my toes – they’re like Monster Munch!!
        Had totally forgotten about your q&a – get it sorted!! 😉


      2. Oh wow. You done that in your video didn’t you? Talking of monster munch, I can’t eat pickled onion flavour without sweating lol. You defo need to do the feet thing on a vlog 🙂

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  4. Excellent idea for a blog/vlog! I’ll have to put my thinking cap on, and I’ll shout out if I do one of these myself. As for a suggestion – how about a similar kind of vlog, but three things you can’t live without, and one thing you definitely can?


  5. Loved this! Steve, I still believe there is no such word as ‘can’t’. You’re clearly not trying hard enough, especially with the tongue rolling! 😉


  6. That was fun to watch! A little creepy about the whole being able to cross your fingers thing. I don’t know why, but it makes me cringe (I have this thing about hearing knuckles crack, so I think this feeling stems from waiting to hear that sound on your video). Keep up the videos! I liked it. Perhaps a little better editing needs to go into it, but overall quite good and entertaining!


    1. Thanks Angela! I’m cracking my knuckles right now – can you hear haha. Yeah, I just wanted to get back into vlogging quickly and didn’t want to spend too much time initally doing lots of edits ( even although I love doing that ). Would be keen to know about what sort of edits you suggest 🙂 Cheers!



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