I’ve Joined The Army!

Haha! Obviously not that army where they do things like running, jumping and climbing trees.

No, I’m talking about Haylee’s Moodle Army!

I’ve been meaning to join it for a while. So much so that she created a special theme just for me and has pretty much guilted me into joining. Not really, of course, Hayley is awesome!

I’m far from a good artist and I’m not that lucky so what was I going to draw? Hmmm, some cats are lucky, I love cats – shit, I can even draw cats so doodling a cat was a no brainer!

With my own cat, Disco, as my muse…

…I found my little stylus and brought up my notes app on my iPhone thinking I’d end up having to download some other app as the notes wouldn’t be great for drawing. How wrong I was! The new iPhone notes app is pretty amazing for doodling. However, I am not…

To be fair I really enjoyed doing this and doodled and deleted quite a few times before I was happy with the result (how the heck could I be happy with this, you say) before eventually saving it.

It’s no work of art but I’m quite pleased with it. I only wish I was as artistic as the awesome Fabio Duma who done a proper drawing of Disco after we stumbled across him while on holiday in Tenerife. You can see more of his great work here.

Try it yourself, share it with Haylee and join the Moodle Army!

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14 thoughts on “I’ve Joined The Army!

      1. Awesome, thanks! But no… I saw her post but I’ve not been around much this weekend so didn’t sign up in case I got into trouble for not interacting enough!! And I’m not lying – have you seen my doodles? I can’t criticise anyone!!

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