Valentine’s Day: The World’s Top 10 Awkward Photos Of Couples In Love – 2017 Edition

Awkward Valentine’s Day Photos

Another holiday approaches so what a great opportunity to bring out the awkwardness and share some Top 10 Awkward Photos Of Couples In Love.

Here are the awkward Valentine’s photos from 2017

10 – “Plastic Surgery Love” – see honey…wouldn’t you look better without the extra chin?
9 – “The X Files” – when you don’t believe in divorce but you do believe in burning your wife so you can get married again
8 – “Have a cracking Valentine’s Day” – when you’re not aware you are the butt of a joke
7 – “Death becomes him?” – no I think death has already came
6 – “Love at an angle” – if you think the way he is standing is weird, you should see his dick – it can look round corners!
5 – “Love Is Blind” – although she wasn’t until she saw how ugly he actually was
4 – “Carrier Bag Love” – when you’r both so ugly – share a paper bag for your head and save 5 pence
3 – “PinochiOH” – when he tells lies and that nose gets bigger she’s in heaven
2 – “Just Do Me…” – a favour and cut my hair, change her glasses and lipstick and still shoot us and dump us in those bushes, thanks
1 – “Love & Hate” – when EVERYONE loves to hate you

What’s your favourite? Would you like to share your own awkward photo? Don’t forget to check out previous Top Tens.

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Valentine's Day: The World's Top 10 Awkward Photos Of Couples In Love - 2017 Edition



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