How My Blog Is Just Pretty Average But Can Kick Ass


A Blog Reality Check

“…my blog stats increased by 500 views in the last day, week, month, year…”

Says almost everyone these days.

Big fucking deal, I say, that means absolutely nothing!

Here’s the thing…

I can stay in the house one day and no one sees me. No views of Steve. Fine!

The following day – I go for a little stroll down the high street and over a thousand people see me. Lots of views of Steve!

They saw me, yes – but did they talk to me? Did they ask me questions? Did they tell their friends how fabulous I was?

Did. They. Fuck!

They just walked past without giving me so much as a backward glance. I might well have just stayed at home again – lying on the sofa wearing my Cookie Monster onesie watching Netflix while drinking a nice Semillon Chardonnay for the amount of difference it actually made.

For that increase in physical views of me, Steve, in the street to mean anything at least half of those people would have needed to take it further.


They need to see me, stop me and at least say Hi.

Let’s push the boat out here and perhaps they could say something like:

‘wow, you smell awesome – what’s that aftershave?’…

it’s Versace Dreamer if your interested

…or ‘I love your hair who cuts it?’…

her name’s Laura and she’s ace by the way

…maybe even ‘cool skinny jeans, where did you buy them?’…

Yeah, the last one would never happen, as there’s a certain age where skinny jeans on men should just never happen but that’s another story altogether…you get the point though, right?

A Blogging Analogy

However obscure this sounds to you – it’s my analogy (you’ll come to love these, I promise) for blog views and blog traffic.

An increase in views of my blog or how many times one of my posts has been shared, re-tweeted, reblogged, repinned or whatever the fuck you do on Instagram – doesn’t mean an increase in my blog’s success (disclaimer: sometimes it does).

In me, Steve, terms, it means someone has saw me, Steve, while we both happen to be walking down the same street – big whoop!

Maybe they were originally on the opposite side of the street. Maybe they saw something that made them cross to the same side of the street as me, they crossed, saw me there but kept walking without giving me another thought.

Are People Noticing Your Blog?

Your stats may be as sharp and just as impressive as this guy’s suit & tie outfit but is that where the story ends?

In blog, Steve McSteveface, terms perhaps someone was on Twitter, saw a tweet from Steve McSteveface or a re-tweet of one of my posts by someone else.

They’ve clicked on the link to see my blog and even went as far as re-tweeting it before they fucked off without reading it all without reading anything other than the post headline perhaps? Without giving a fuck about who I even am.

Oh! Here comes another, they do the same and another and another and another….The views are all registered and counted to my stats – yaaaay heaps of new views!

“WordPress tells me my stats are booming – woo hoo, I’m going viral!”


I might have just tried seeing how many times I could write the words ‘douche’ and ‘bag’ in one minute and hit the publish button – NONE OF THE ‘VIEWERS’ ACTUALLY READ IT!

Don’t get me wrong, seeing stats increase is still a buzz for me but I want to have some kind of reassurance that people read what I’ve written and enjoyed it.

Like! Yes, someone can ‘like’ my posts but that too falls under the ‘click and I don’t give a shit’ category.

Comments? Sure, they’re a great way of the reader confirming their engagement with me.

I will hold my hand up here – honesty is the best policy, right? I’m not talking about the ‘great post’ or ‘good advice, thanks’ type of comment because they are just a “Turd in a text box” as far as I am concerned.

Why My Blog Is Just Pretty Average But Still Kicks Your Ass

I’m talking about the falsies now – the comment left on my post with a specific reference to one thing within it.

“Oooo, someone’s  really read it, I’m so happy”

Well. I hate to burst the bubble here although I will because I love the noise it makes and I’m also, just for future reference, the type of guy who enjoys giving other people a fright while recording it on my iPhone for shits & giggles. This time, as well as a loud pop, there’s also going to be a whole heap of poop falling out of the bubble.

In the case of the falsie comment they have done nothing more engaging than skim my post, focussed on a particular sentence or paragraph and made a comment on that part only.

“I’ve done it. Maybe we all have? Hands up, baby, hands up!”

I don’t do it now as there’s no point. There’s not enough time in my day to play ‘blogging games’. I read all of a post if it all appeals to me. I click and leave if it bores me or offends my eyes. There’s no rocket science from Steve McSteveface.

I like it because I like it and I leave a comment if I feel the need to. I sometimes read an entire post and neither like nor comment.

“I sometimes read blog posts while on the toilet taking a dump so be warned!”

There’s no right or wrong and we all do things differently.

So what is ‘right’ here? An increase in views doesn’t always mean an increase in readers!

There’s not a ‘thing’ available to the average blogger I’m aware of that will prove if someone has read my post from start to finish. I, as a ‘writer’, can only do the next best thing.

Write Posts People Want To Read

Not just want to read but enjoy reading, revisit and share with others.

I’d rather have 100 views per day knowing that everyone of those 100 had properly read my post than have 500 views per day with only 1/5 of people properly reading my post.

I could go down the route of writing a ‘how to write a successful blog post’ just as I could write a ‘how I use Reddit to boost my blog traffic’ or some other ‘look at me, I’m fucking awesome’ type of post…

How I’ve Built Up Thousands Of Reddit Karma…
I didn’t and I won’t!

I’ve been blogging for almost 4 years and learned a lot along the way. Picking up numerous hints, tips or best practices and (now, I’m usually quite a modest person so it’s unusual for me to say this) become reasonably okay at it.

I don’t think that means I should dish out advice on those topics (but think of the views those post might get! Ssssh stats monster – get back in you cage!).

If you wanted a blog post on “how to be an excel ninja” or “how to achieve inbox zero using Outlook” – I’m your guy! That’s my official area of expertise and I could talk to you about the wonders of Windows and the Magnificence of Microsoft Office until the cows came home. For information – I would still be talking about it long after Bill had locked those cows behind their Gates for the night.

There are people who make a career out of copy writing, content marketing and the like – they are far more capable of producing a ‘creating a perfect blog post’ article than I am. They have done this – lots of them!

There’s no point in me ‘reinventing the wheel’ simply for traffic. Just go read theirs instead!


That’s all I’ve done and I’ve found at least 10 great posts by Googling questions such as:

‘how can I prove that people are actually reading my posts?’

I will read and learn from them, trying my best to make sure most of my blog posts (not all as I still want to post some shite too – hey you’re at Steve McSteveface’s not Monica’s) are of a format that makes you want to read start to finish at least. Bonuses would be that you like, comment, keep visiting and sharing my content from Steve McSteveface.

Check out the posts for yourselves by clicking the links at the end of this post.

Hopefully now – when I walk down the street (or write a blog post) people will have no option but to notice me more…

Enjoy and learn from these articles – I know I will!

What do you think? Are you a stats monster? How do you produce the perfect blog post?

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Why My Blog Is Just Pretty Average But Still Kicks Your Ass

91 thoughts on “How My Blog Is Just Pretty Average But Can Kick Ass

  1. This indeed is true Steve, but your initial analogy falls flat on one premise. People visiting your blog isn’t akin to people seeing you on the street, that’s more like, people seeing your “Website Name” on someone else’s post’s comments section and just scrolling through. I believe blog views are more like how many people saw you when you went to a party, lot of people talked to you, some didn’t but they still took notice, they saw that you were here, maybe they’ll look you up and invite you to their own party in the future, something like that.

    Besides, it is not practical to have 100 views and have all of them mean something, it will always be 500 views and 100 meaningful. For example, everyday millions of people visit, but not everyone buys something, still would proudly parade the fact that they have so many “potential” buyers.

    Now don’t think of me as a Negative Nancy, I do agree with you for the most part, especially the bit about proper comments. I too appreciate proper, meaningful comments on my blog, they don’t have to necessarily agree with my point of view, and in fact, I enjoy such comments because they open up further discussion. Everything being said, there are many posts where I honestly do not have anything to comment about, but I do at least “like” such posts to let the person know that I was here and I read it.


    1. Thank you for this comment. No I don’t think your negative – all feedback is appreciated :). This is possibly the longest comment anyone has ever left and I really enjoyed reading it. Glad to have you here at my blog 🙂


  2. Wellllll damn. I was happy 😦

    😉 Nah I get what you’re saying. I still celebrate the good things (though my blog has never said I’m booming… so that’s a let down. Here I thought I was doing good. Damn judgemental wordpress analytics).

    I personally always thought your blog rocked because you are Steve McSteveface dot com! That alone makes me laugh and click… I guess that makes me an easy blogger…. lol


    1. Awww thank you. I think I did right this post originally when I was a bit pissed off – haha can you tell. I still stick by it but my blog will never set the world on fire and I don’t care it makes me happy…and it makes me happy that I make people like you happy too 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It does, I enjoy reading and your tweets 🙂

        I won’t set the world on fire ever… but like you said, there is a thrill when it says “hey look people stopped by!” But I am more happy when someone is like, “YOU’RE WRONG BECAUSE!” Or “I relate…” etc.

        But you’re right, if you don’t write for yourself first views won’t keep you happy long!


      2. Defo! There’s too much people trying to be like other people these days and everyone thinks they are a blogging expert and it kinda gets on my tits sometimes! On another note, I’m not sure if you follow my music blog but WordPress seems to have made me lose heaps of followers on it 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I did at one point but now you mention it, I haven’t seen it on my reader for the past two weeks…. so let me guess! You’ve posted! I’ll go by and resubscribe follow whatever it is on here!


      4. Hmmm I’m not really too fussed. It doesn’t seem to have affected the traffic so much so maybe that means it’s being viewed by people outside WordPress which I guess is a good thing 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Great rant-y post Steve!

    I don’t comment until I’ve read the whole post (I don’t share either unless I’ve read something – why would anyone share something if they don’t even know what it says!?) BUT sometimes I like something without a comment.

    I guess I use the like button in different ways:
    1. I LOVE this post so am sharing some love
    2. I am interested in this, but have nothing constructive to say, so I’m leaving a “like” so you know someone read it.

    Good comments are like candy. They can be sweet, but they leave you wanting more. 😉


  4. Hahahaha. I’m scared to comment now in case I get a 20 questions multiple choice exam to prove I read it. I did. But my memories not great so I might still fail the test… Is the punishment a detailed description of the inner working of Microsoft?…..


  5. Hahaha only joking (re my previous hilarious comment). I can confirm I definitely read the WHOLE of this post & even clicked on a link at the end (I’m planning to look at the rest later). I genuinely think this is an excellent post though. I’ve been wondering how much people actually read my posts. I’ve even had comments where someone has unknowingly made it obvious they didn’t read the whole post. I’ve always said I blog because I love writing & will only ever write from my heart & NOT for the stats. I do think blogging an can be an ego game for some. I commented on someone else’s post earlier this week that meaningful comments where someone has obviously connected with my words mean SO much more than hundreds of views & vague comments. So in conclusion Steve, great post 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Really appreciate that and glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been taking a break from blogging here recently because i felt it was consuming me and I actually found myself sitting at the computer not actually achieving anything except checking stats and various other social media and not actually writing anything. It was defo worth having the break and just working out a few things. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I was tempted just to hit the ‘like’ button just to be THAT reader, but you already know I’m a comment gal so that wouldn’t work. It’s not about traffic for the sake of traffic. It’s about intention, at least it seems to me like it should be.

    But I’m seriously trying to clean out my inbox…


  7. I’m a crap commenter. I can either a) never think of anything to say, b) Think my comment will be stupid and the world will laugh or c) silently rage that someone thought of my witty comment before me, or at least posted it before I did. I have low comment confidence lol

    I’d quite like to be an excel ninja though, it infuriates me more than blogging.

    You are witty and funny, but man you don’t half fucking swear a lot and I read the whole post!!

    P.s – I was a little sad the dude in the suit didn’t whack anyone with his umbrella. I honestly thought he was going to, my sadistic side rejoiced for all of 2 seconds.

    P.p.s – I’m listening to Public Service Broadcasting – The Race for Space – it’s different, but weirdly I’m quite enjoying it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your shit comment! Haha only kidding. Yes it was a bit sweary but I really enjoyed writing this post trying to make it look nice etc. Any Excel questions fire away!


      1. It did look good, I like the new theme and trust me I’ve used a swear word or two myself to get a point across lol
        I will hold you to the excel questions although you have put me on the spot and I can’t actually think of one right now ffs lol


  8. Great post.. and yes this is not a formality. I have never actually thought about the blog stats like this before. I just know that it troubles me when I start seeing some stagnancy in my blog stats. But nevertheless.. i guess this is an eye opener to actually concentrating more on the blog content rather


  9. You asked me to leave my thoughts on your post over on reddit – so overall I just want to say that I share your sentiment – views are great, but I don’t want people to just VIEW my blog, I’d like them to comment on it. When I launched mine a few weeks back, I tried ending posts with “what do you think” and that type of question – but no comments, unless you count spam.

    I think your ‘walking down the street’ analogy is a good one, by the way. It’s a good way of framing this particular conversation. After reading through – though it could be a bit tighter and less rambly – I feel good about my current approach. I’m just writing things I want to write about, and that I think are interesting. I’m not worrying about how to get more views; in fact the only thing I’m working on is to improve the posts themselves, as my blog is a place for me to work on my writing in general.

    Definitely this is a post worth reading for new people starting out and get worried about their site statistics.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I’m so glad I never invited you over for a glass of wine just after you published this post, especially as I only had red in the house. 🍷

    For what it’s worth, I was obsessed with the stats during my first year of blogging. Then they became very boring. The only one I look at now is the one that tells me which of my posts seem to be the most popular and, by that, I mean which ones get the most comments that are more than ‘Great post’ or ‘great blog, please come and visit my awesome blog.’ That way, I know what to continue blogging about.

    You’ve so hit the nail on the head about the number of visits to a blog. Yep, I may have had two million hits, but how many of those people actually stayed on my blog for more than 10 seconds or got there by mistake? (BTW – no, I’ve not had two million hits. I’ve no idea how many hits my blog has had because I’m no longer obsessed with the stats).

    I like blogging. I enjoy it. I love the community and the interaction with other bloggers, many of whom have the same interest as me. In fact, I love to blog because it gives me so much enjoyment. Isn’t that what life is all about? To enjoy ourselves? I come here because I enjoy coming here. It’s fun and I like (in most cases) what I read. We’ve become friends (at least I hope we have), and would never have known about each other if it were not for blogging.

    I could go on, but, for me, it’s all about the enjoyment. And, this is your blog and I seem to be writing a post on it in the comments section.

    Keep on enjoying, Steve.


    1. Haha only kidding here’s my comment…You make a lot of valid points and I too want to keep enjoying it and have been thinking of how to keep that happening. My initial thoughts were going to be a one post a week with a vlog as well but then I thought again. Why do I need to plan as that again takes the fun out of it. I’ll just carry on doing what I do whatever happens happenes etc. Of course I’ve met many great and interesting people here and I love it. You are obviously at the top of that list! Thanks again Hugh 🙂 and stop taking up all this space hahaha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, sometimes you’ve just got to slap me in the face with an out of date American hot pizza to stop me rambling on, and on, and on, and on….Not too hot, though 😀
        Now, just get on with having fun and finding us the next Time Lord!


  11. When I started I got real caught up on stats, however that was completely at odds with the point of my blog. My blog was really a place to document recipes and successes and disasters of cooking for myself. I’m now of the mind if people want to join in and comment and like, feel free but I don’t check my stats anymore. I suppose it all depends where you want your blog to go and if you need stats to do that. I do love your comparison with walking down the street, never thought of it that way before.


    1. Thanks for reading. That was probably one of my more sensible analogies. I actually compared Excel to a dishwasher the other day…hmmm, okay then haha. Everyone has different goals and reasons for blogging but for me it’s still a hobby that I enjoy and I was getting to the point where I was spending more time on my stats page than on my editing page and I knew I had to realllign. Yes, I’ll still post rubbish I’m sure but i also know I can write a reasonably okay quality post if I put my mind to it and that it’s fun doing so. Cheers 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Excel to a dishwasher?? I’m intrigued! I frequently post rubbish, although some posts do turn out better than others so I continue to live in hope of getting a better ratio of good to bad posts! Still getting to grips with blogging so its good to hear others experiences . Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


      2. The Excel thing was along the lines of why wash dishes manually when you can get a dishwasher to do all the hard work and well it kind of snowballed from there lol. Happy to have connected with you and I’ll be sure to check out your blog…I do all my new blog follower intros on a Sunday in case you think I’ve ignored you 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ahh I as wondering how excel to a dishwasher worked but totally get how that would make sense! No worries, would be great if you’re able to pop over when you’ve got a minute or two on Sunday 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  12. I’ve never really understood the hype some bloggers give to their stats. Especially the ones who write posts based on the fact that they’ve reached X amount of posts/likes/comments/followers/view, whatever. Like everyone (at least in this comment thread), I enjoy the likes and the occasional comment and/or follow, but I’m writing my blog for me, not the nobodies of the internet. Great post. I like your satirical style. I think I might just stay a while…


    1. Hey, thanks for coming to see me. You raise a great point in that you blog for you. It’s so easy to forget why we started blogging in the first place and get caught up in the hype. As soon as we lose the fun element, it becomes a chore and no one likes doing chores…well unless it’s cleaning the bath (maybe that’s just me). Hope you stick around as it’s great to see my “followers” increase 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Now I’m scared my comment won’t pass muster. I read the whole post, I did, I promise. And I’m not commenting for brownie points (though if you have any actual brownies I won’t say no).

    I agree it’s way too easy to get caught up chasing blog stats that don’t matter. I think what stats matter depend on why you’re blogging. I like getting thoughtful, funny, or silly comments, but I don’t turn my nose up at likes. Hey, at least they scrolled to the bottom of the page. 🙂


    1. Haha, never be afraid to comment! Thanks for reading and I too never turn my nose up at likes. It’s all good and everyone does things differently for different reasons and that’s all fine with me. This exercise has not made me less stats hungry or more frustrated with the stats junkies, it’s simply made me have a desire to put more effort into my writing. Everyone’s a winner, right?

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Great post!…….

    Nah im not leaving a ‘turd in a text box’ haha.
    I’ve honestly never thought about my stats like that before but it really does make sense! I get all giddy and keep checking my stats when there’s an increase but like you say, there’s no engagement, they are simply walking right by me having only glanced. In the blogging world I would say posts are the product and comments are the cash. Comments open up engagement and they also let me see who returns time and time again. Thanks for including these other post links, I’ll really need to get Reading!

    Jordanne ||


    1. Hi Jordanne, thanks for reading and commenting. Of course I also love a stats boost – we all do otherwise what’s the point, right. But recently…and call it a grumpy old man thing…I’ve been thinking about it differently. I took almost a week to write this post, referring to the info in the links and editing, editing, editing. But guess what? It was fun writing it and knowing that I’ve written a good quality ( well, as much as I think I have ) gives me just as much of a buzz as that spike in traffic. And guess what buzz lasts longer – go figure eh? Cheers?


  15. To be honest what worries me most is that I am now in the knowledge that you might be reading this comment whilst you are sitting on the toilet.


  16. This post is a breath of fresh air! It’s all too easy to get caught up in stats and you know what, that just kills blogging for me. I love your analogy, I’d never even thought of it like that before but it makes total sense.

    Anyway thought I’d leave you a comment to say I enjoyed this post. Hope my comment isn’t a turd in a text box! 😉


    1. Thanks Hayley. Glad you liked it and could even understand my crazy analogies. Of course your comment is not a turd in a text box. Yaaay my stats are booming now 😉


  17. I NOTICE YOU!!

    And I agree, I was sucked in by stats and this week I had a bit of a reflect on the whole thing. I’m loving writing a few witty posts but Im done with follower chasing! This week I was in hospital and left a blog share on one of the obligatory ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ nonsense groups. When I only engaged with one other person (because that was the only blog I was interested in) I was warned that I would be thrown out of the group without warning. What an absolute load of wank… and all because I’m not particularly interested in ‘Barbara’s tour of Skiathos… or how Michelle makes lovely knitted animals that I couldn’t give a fuck about. (Evidently I removed myself from said group….crack on spending all your evenings liking bullshit facebook pages)

    The reason I love your blog is because I relate to it, there is no pretence , you sound like you are of the same age and ilk.. and we share a lot of views (and are both friends of Dorothy!)

    Another wine please …


    1. Thanks for the comment :). Like is said I get obsessed with stats too but I’m trying to focus more on trying to remember why I like writing so much right now. It was actually a lot more fun putting together that post, trying to craft it so it looked really nice and constantly changing it, re- reading it etc. It took me all week to do but I was also kind of putting ‘teasers’ out on social Media while i was doing it too. I think it looks fab even if I do say so myself and because of that ( and a bit of promo) the traffic should take care of itself. I also re-worked my Kylie post across on talk about pop music with the same ‘craft’ in mind – did you see that?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haven’t seen the Kylie one yet.. bit behind this week as have just migrated websites and having a total nightmare! Will get to it soon! Just trying to find a useful article on how to fix my thumbnails not working.. ha ha.


  18. Awww, you sound angry 😦 I’m now slightly worried whether my comments pass the acceptability test! However, clearly you’re doing it all wrong – if you want your blog to go viral you should be posing in that Cookie Monster onesie 😉


  19. I read all of this article… while taking a dump. There. I said it.

    Can we start a war on the Stats Twats? Combat their neediness and endless list-making with indifference and plain off-the-chestness?



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