Deenspotting: Aberdeen’s Answer To Trainspotting


T2 Trainspotting Deenspotting

We’ve waited over 20 years for this sequel but that’s not the only exciting thing to watch out for.

There’s an early morning breakfast show in North East based radio station Northsound One hosted by Jeff & Lauren and they have created an Aberdeen promo version of Trainspotting called – Deenspotting.

There’s been a trickle of teaser trailers for a movie. It will never develop in to a full-blown movie but who knows! It’s a fun thing to follow on their twitter and a great way to promote their new breakfast show!





Thanks Jeff & Lauren – keep up the good work! Mickey and Suzie who?

What do you think of this? Have you seen the new Trainspotting movie yet? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

5 thoughts on “Deenspotting: Aberdeen’s Answer To Trainspotting

      1. Well I suppose technically I’m probably not an Aberdonian either. Originally from a village north of Aberdeen but moved to Aberdeen and stayed for 7 years before moving to just outside Edinburgh. I should say I’m a North Easterner! 20 years definitely counts, although I was once told you’re an Aberdonian if you can understand what the bus drivers say!


      2. Haha, they pretty much just grunt these days and a lot of them are from Eastern Europe which is fine of course and yeah they are probably easier to understand than most Aberdonians ahah

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