How I Saved £3,418.78 Using My Phone Abroad


In Your Face Roaming Charges!

Recently I travelled to Las Vegas and these days you just can’t get by without having a mobile data connection, can you? I mean how else was I to get directions to the Stratosphere and buy tickets for the thrill rides only to eventually chicken out (that’s a different story though).

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people coming back from vacation and being hit with a massive bill because they weren’t aware of the ‘roaming charges’. Or even worse – they went without instant access to an internet connection (why, oh how, oh how could you ever do this?).

Feel At Home

Not to fear there is a solution that I think everyone who travels should know about and it’s provided by the mobile phone network Three. As part of my contract – of which I only pay £11 per month –  I get the Feel At Home feature. This enables me to basically use my phone for data as if I was in the UK and have no extra cost.

Simply – awesome!

Just look how much I would have got charged had I not had this – of which Three were of course very happy to remind me of via text message…

Three Feel At Home

Even though I did have a mini heart attack when I initially saw this message flash up on my phone thinking that was my bill summary – I couldn’t actually believe how much I had SAVED!

If you travel a lot or if you only travel once a year then you absolutely have to sign up for this – it is a NO BRAINER! Click on the hairy purple guy enjoying a cocktail and getting free internet below to find out more information.

Three Feel At Home

This will help me enjoy my upcoming vacations even more…although I’m hoping that Ukraine will be added to the list by the time I get there in May – hint, hint Three!

Do you use this? Would you use this? Have you had an expensive mobile phone related vacation? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

How I Saved £3,418.78 Using My Phone Abroad

4 thoughts on “How I Saved £3,418.78 Using My Phone Abroad

  1. Hi Steve,

    Wow, sensational savings! That’s some serious coin.

    We barely use our mobile phone – weird I know LOL – because almost all our time spent online is working time. Then when we get away from the Chromebook we see offline time as….offline time. So we just pay for data packets and go from there.

    Nice looking blog. Authentic feel to it.

    Love the purple guy 🙂




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