The World’s Top 10 Awkward Christmas Photos 2016 – The Naked Edition

Awkward Christmas Photos 2016

There’s always some people who just go that little bit too far when it comes to the annual Christmas Photo.

Here are the World’s Top 10 Awkward Christmas Photos 2016 #NakedEdition

Awkward Christmas Photo
10 – “Lonely This Christmas, my ass!” – Old people have the best time at Christmas…however the fact that they always leave their Christmas Shopping until Saturdays really pisses me off – they have fuck all to do during the week when everyone else is working! GO SHOPPING THEN OLD PEOPLE AND STOP GETTING IN MY WAY!
Awkward Christmas Photos
9 – “Oh (Fuck!) Christmas Tree” – I love cats and I love naked men so you think this would tick every box. It totally doesn’t! However, click to see this picture of James Franco (photoshoped) and it might be a different story…
Awkward Christmas Photos
8 – “All I Want For Christmas Is You” – This photo was taken in an underground bunker where this scary ass dude had kidnapped these women and made them listen to Mariah Carey on loop for 20 years while he just sat there doing a great impression of a sex pest!
Awkward Christmas Photos
7 – “Frosty The Snowmen” – What do these guys have in their shorts? Snowballs of course!
Awkward Christmas Photos
6 – “Mary’s Boy Child” – I’m not sure if this is a pregnant lady or a fat man dressed like a woman – answers on a postcard!
Awkward Christmas Photos
5 – “Thank God It’s Christmas” – and thank Buddha for night dresses!
Awkward Christmas Photos
4 – “God Jul” – Merry Christmas in Swedish! Once they took this photo they put all the cards together and made a little table IKEA stylee
3 – “Deck The Halls!” – You might be thinking that all those little, glistening strands flowing down the Christmas tree are made of tinsel…think again, this man LOVES his tree
2 – “Little Saint Nick” – Balls deep with your girlfriend who is having an asthma attack – got Christmas written all over it doesn’t it?  His ‘little Saint Nick’ is hiding…
Awkward Christmas Photos
1 – “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town” – No, Santa Claus has been out on the town, got blind drunk with all the other Santas and has now passed out in his pal Rudolph’s shed. Well – Santa needs to have a Christmas party too! Nice one Santy!

Do you have a favourite awkward Christmas photo?

Do you have any Christmas fails you are brave enough to share? I’d love to hear about them so share them with me in the comments below or tweet me @MrMcSteveface.

Come back in 2017 for more Awkward Photos and in the meantime take a look at my other Awkward Photos Top Tens.

This one didn’t quite make the list but it was a close call…

Merry Christmas

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Awkward Christmas Photos

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14 thoughts on “The World’s Top 10 Awkward Christmas Photos 2016 – The Naked Edition

  1. Your comment on number 3 is so gross! And number 2 is just… weird. It’s the way he’s looking at the camera. I’d disown any family member that sent any one of these!!


      1. Thanks Hun!!! It’s a brilliant app! You can even hook up and duet with people too! Do we need a big screen and mics in June??? I feel a karaoke session coming on at the Bash this year!!!!



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