Take A Walk Down Musical Memory Lane With Me

Talk About Pop Music: Playlist Of The Year

I know it’s not even Christmas yet but to be honest there’s something else I am much more excited about.

Every year on December 31st I produce my ‘Playlist Of The Year’ across on my music blog Talk About Pop Music. It consists of my Top 40 most played songs of the year according to my listening stats on last.fm.

I’ve kept track of them all since 2006 and since this year Spotify has allowed the creation of your own cover art I have had a ball the last few days creating a cover for all my previous playlists. It’s also been a great opportunity to take a walk down musical memory lane.

Have a listen to them below and let me know if you are on Spotify in the comments below or tweet @SteveSays2014.

Stay tuned to find out what makes it onto the 2016 playlist!

Playlist Of The Year 2006Playlist Of The Year 2007Yearly Playlist 2008Playlist Of The YearYearly PlaylistYearly PlaylistYearly Playlist 2013Playlist Of The YearPlaylist Of The Yearburning-question-mark

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