Hugh Says…Who Called The Doctor?

Doctor Hugh

Doctor Hugh?

I’m a huge Doctor Who fan. No, scrub that! What I meant to say is that I’m a fan of Doctor Who. Does saying ‘I’m a huge Doctor Who fan’ make me sound big? Or is that because of all the chocolate I eat?

The countdown is well and truly underway way to the next new episode of Doctor Who which, here in the UK, is being aired on BBC 1 on Christmas Day.

I’m such a fan of the series that, when it’s on TV, nobody dares speak, cough, sneeze, eat, or fall asleep and start snoring! The only other programme where all of that applies is The Eurovision Song Contest!

I only know of one other blogger, Mr Steve McSteve Face himself, who is a Doctor Who fan (probably a far bigger fan than I am – or is that because of all the chocolate he eats?) and although many of you may find it rather sad that Saturday nights for me, when Doctor Who is on, mean one thing (well OK three things, if you count my passion for all things glittery and Craig Revel Horwood!) Doctor Who, to me, is like the best thing since Oreos and Jammy Dodgers (I’m a serious biscuit Dunker – but that’s another story).

Although the Christmas special isn’t so far away there’s still lots of Doctor Who to keep Whovians happy – such as the great new spin off, Class…

…and the brilliant new animated version of the missing episodes “Power Of The Daleks”…

A few years ago, I went along with my niece to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, South Wales. I had a brilliant time, not so sure if my niece did, but she was the only one prepared to go with me. I think she felt very sorry about the idea of me wandering around the Tardis all on my own. She needn’t have worried though, because I was surrounded by a lot of other avid Doctor Who fans.

Doctor Hugh

The whole thing was pretty spectacular and we ended up having the above photograph taken. It got me thinking about where I would ask Doctor. Who to take me if he ever asked me the question “where would you like to go, Shuggy?”  That’s a question he has asked many of the various assistants and companions he has had travelling with him over the years.

I’d have to have a long hard think about where I’d like to go, but what about you? If you were lucky enough to find yourself in the Tardis and were asked by the Doctor “where would you like to go?” what answer would you give him, knowing that you had all of time and space to choose from and that he would bring you back safely to the present?

Leave me a comment and let me know your answers. I’d love to know where you would all want travel to.

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59 thoughts on “Hugh Says…Who Called The Doctor?

  1. If I could ask the Doctor to take me to any time and place (and bring me back safely again), I think I might like to see some of the great ancient capitals in their heyday. It would be fascinating to walk around ancient Rome, for example.

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    1. She did indeed, Teagan. She got rather frightened by some of the monsters we came across. Hugh to the rescue 😀
      She can’t read some of my short stories as they end up giving her nightmares. However, I was very thankful she came along with me that day. Lunch was on me, of course. 😀

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  2. Nice to see you here, Hugh and love the picture. I’ve watched some Doctor Who but I can’t compete. I’m in Barcelona and went with my mother to a book presentation at a bookshop specialising in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, and they had great collectibles, including Dr Who stuff. I was telling my mother a bit of the story when a girl, a true fan, came over and gave us a lecture. Well, you are everywhere! I’ll keep thinking where just in case…

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    1. Thanks so much, Olga. It’s very brave of Steve to have me here once a month. 😀

      I wish I had been with you at the book presentation. Dr.Who collectibles sound terrific. Some of them can go for lots of money on some of the online auction sites.

      Hope you and your mum are both well?

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  3. I’m also a Whovian and a blogger. I love David Tennant and Matt Smith but they all end up growing on me in some way. I also went to Cardiff to the Doctor Who experience and dragged my daughter along. I loved it, Sh not so much! But when you live in Australia and you love your Doctor Who it’s what you do! If given the chance I’d go back to the days of early civilisation to see it all unfold. I’d also love to go forward in time. Great post thanks!

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    1. Great to hear you’re a Whovian, Debbie. So pleased to hear you visited the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff. If you get the chance then check out ‘Class’ when it airs on TV in your part of the world. It’s a thrilling Doctor Who spin-off which I think is going to do very well.

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    2. Thanks for your comment. I’m still secretly hoping that one day I’ll wake up and there will be a TARDIS in my garden. Believe it or not I have seen a Dalek going past by local shop and there is a TARDIS in my local car park. Oh and also there’s a local Stormtrooper but we don’t like Star Wars. I do have proof of all of this 🙂

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  4. I have always wanted to spend a quiet weekend hanging out one-on-one with Marilyn Monroe. She had a brilliant mind, was a comedic genius, and suffered from a lot of similar feelings which haunt me.

    As Elton John says, “I would liked to have known you [Marilyn & Norma Jean]”.

    Thanks for the great read on Dr. Who! I am a mini-fan. I had never seen it (but had always known of its existence) until Matt Smith became the Doctor. And I fell in love with it, as did my son. I only got to see his seasons (due to periods without television). Apparently it had been on Netflix until earlier this year but I never saw it there and now it’s gone, perhaps forever.

    I would have liked to have seen all of the David Tennant episodes (as I find his quirkiness wonderful!) and of course Peter Capaldi (my son has had the opportunity to keep tuning in). And, I think I would like, if I had the option, to go back and see the John Hurt episodes. He is a wonderful actor and I got a little snippet of him as the doctor during Matt Smith’s run. I don’t remember if it was a couple of episodes or if it was the one where he meets another version of himself (great episode).

    Anyway, as you can see you got me pretty pumped up even though my experience has been minimal. I was excited to learn about Class and my son would like to check that out and the animated series as well (I don’t care for animated stuff, but he does.) He may already know about these shows, but if not I may become his hero for a day!

    &#9728 Memee

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    1. Hey – thanks for the awesome comment. I hope you get to see David tennant as the Doctor he is one of the best! John hurt was never a Doctor until the special episode and it was all a bit exciting. Great idea about going back to see Marilyn. I too would love to go back to a “nicer” time when things although seemed complicated at the time were, compared to today’s world – nicer :). Thanks again!

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    2. I watched ‘Class’ for the first time last night. For some reason the BBC have decided to air it on a TV channel only available on the internet so, thank goodness, it’s available on the BBC iPlayer. Mind you, another spin-off from Doctor Who, Tourchwood, also started its life on BBC3 and went on to being moved to BBC 2. Tourchwood is another great series I’d recommend you watch. I’m sure your son would also enjoy it.

      I can highly recommend ‘Class’, especially as the Doctor appears in the very first episode. I’ve only watched two episodes so far, but I’m already hooked.

      Thank you for comment. It was very nice of you to join in the Doctor Who talk.

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  5. I would of course go back in time to ancient Ireland and find out if all the characters we know and love from Irish mythology really existed, or not. No surprise there, hey Hugh? 😁😁😁

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    1. lol, not at all, Ali. I’m sure it would be a great adventure, but we’d have to ensure we stayed safe. Some of those stories you’ve told us on your blog were rather frightening. I don’t think I’d want to come across that giant dressed as a baby, though. 😱 I’d leave him to you.

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