The Cat At The Window: Aggie’s Story

National Cat Day

The Cat At The Window

It was a night in December and I had been working away in London for the week. As I was on the airport runaway about to take off to fly home I got a text message from Greg…

“You have to phone me, it’s urgent”

I’m now in a blind panic thinking that the one of the phalanges on the plane was not working so I called him only to discover that it was not urgent and definitely nothing to do with the phalanges.

A random cat had turned up at the house and looked in a terrible state…apparently.

“Sorry but the Captain says phone’s off now. Buh bye” was my reply.

I get off the plane in Aberdeen, turn my phone back on and I am greeted by this video…

I then get home to be greeted by this cat…

National Cat Day

To be fair it was in a shocking state – dirty, a big cut in it’s nose, things stuck in its fur and terribly thin.

Greg had already started calling it Freddy for some reason! Anyway, it was so cold outside, the cat looked like it needed some help and was pretty friendly so we kept it in overnight, fed it and kept it safe agreeing that we would take it to the vets first thing in the morning.

I should point out now that our other two cats Disco and Bingo were not impressed!

We took it to the vets the next day who promptly told us that “Freddy” was a girl and they said they would put a missing cat post on their website, give her a health check and fix her up. We also put as many “found cat” adverts out on as many places as we could find as well as check to all the “lost cat” sites.

A week later – nothing!

No one had came forward to claim this cat and despite trawling the internet we found no matches.

And then the four words I had been expecting to hear for the past week finally hit my ears.

“We should keep her…”

Despite the fact that there are numerous rehoming shelters in the local area that do an amazing job and we could have quite confidently packed the lost cat off there knowing she would be looked after and “potentially” find a new home. But, no – she had already “chosen us” by jumping up on the window sill that night in December.

“She’s a little Christmas Angel” Greg said, to which I immediately responded…

“Did she bring us f***ing Jesus?”

“No, she’s an extra three packets of food a day and another contributor to the hair that clogs up my Dyson is what she is”.

Of course I couldn’t say no! I couldn’t let this cat go through any more than she’d already been through. But, that’s just it – we will never know what she’s been through, where she’s from and how did she end up at our window.

She’s an older cat and good natured so I don’t think she’s been abused. Maybe she’s jumped in a van and ended up far from home? Maybe her owner died? Who knows?

She was staying and so she needed a name. Since she was an older cat, she had to have an old lady name. Her scab on her nose was healing quite nicely now but she was still quite scabby. Therefore her name had to be Aggie as in “Scabby Aggie”.

Aggie started putting on weight and settled in quickly. Disco and Bingo hated her at first but now Disco and her are pals but Bingo still hates her. Mind you, Bingo hates everyone!

Aggie took a long time to warm to me but she’s getting more accepting of me now although Greg is still her favourite. She only really shows me attention when she is hungry and she’s pretty good at scamming me to feed her even although she’s just been fed by Greg!

National Cat Day

Obviously we had to get her a nice, new, pretty collar complete with a diamanté name tag and a pink flower…

National Cat Day

She’s happy enough but she still looks quite sad sometimes, it’s like she’s happy to be in our home but she’s still missing someone

She really is no trouble whatsoever and will quite happily sleep on our bed all night…

Or even in her own bed which is underneath ours…

Not everyone would have been able to take on an extra cat so that’s why cat shelters and adoption centres are so important.

I know that had we taken Aggie to one of them she’d be just as happy with whatever happened to her after that. In fact, if you ask Aggie I’m sure she would say that she wished she had went there instead because at least that way she wouldn’t be subjected to photo shoots complete with accessories from the cat selfie stick pack (courtesy of Poundland)…

Just to prove Aggie doesn’t get any special treatment here is Bingo and Disco’s cat selfie stick pack photos…

What about you? Have you ever rescued a cat?

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