REVIEW: The Broons Live Stage Show @ His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen

The Broons Live

The Broons Live Stage Show

It was daft. It was nostalgic. It was full of energy. It was exactly what I had hoped it would be.

When I heard that The Broons Live Stage Show was coming to His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen I knew I had to go and see it. Having grown up reading the comic strips and annuals I wanted to see the characters I was so familiar with come to life on the stage.

The story centred around the idea that Maggie was getting married and that all Maw Broon’s kids would be leaving the family home. There were more “jings, crivvens and help ma boabs” than you could shake a spurtle at. With a great cast belting out great musical numbers and who were clearly having a great time made this show everything that a true Broons fan would want.

Maw Broon was played by Joyce Falconer – a local Aberdeen lass or a “Torry Quine” to be more specific. I think there were a lot of people in the audience who had went there to see the show just for her alone – possibly having spent some time with her in nearby bus shelters whilst growing up together in the area.

Maw Broon – Joyce Falconer

Joyce did an amazing job as Maw Broon – even managing to strap on an accordion and dance round the stage while having a substantial bosom to carry around.

Paul Riley played the part of Paw Broon who is better known for his role as “Winston” in the brilliant Still Game.

Paul Riley – Paw Broon

This was a great choice for Paw and he definitely knew how to work the audience.

The rest of the cast was just as great including Maureen Carr as “The Bairn” even although I will always think of this actress like this. Either way – me think she did a brilliant job!

If I had to pick a favourite character from the stage show I would have to say it was Hen Broon. Interestingly enough – he was played by an actor who is originally from Alaska – Tyler Collins. He still did a great job as Hen and really pulled it off whilst being very funny with it.

Tyler Collins – Hen Broon

There were mishaps, misunderstandings and music all along the way keeping the audience laughing and singing along. The show was brought to an end with a fantastic medley of popular Scottish songs ranging from Deacon Blue’s “Dignity” to “The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond“.

It was a great show and I truly enjoyed it. It was also great to see so many other people awash with nostalgia as they watched the characters they had known and loved since 1936 (yes there was some really old people there that night) come alive before their very eyes.

Have you heard of The Broons? Have you been to the show?  Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

The Broons Live On Stage

Everyone in Scotland now has the chance to see The Broons live on stage thanks to the Sell A Door theatre company.

“Pit the kettle oan mither, this is braw news!” Scotland’s most famous family The Broons are coming to the Theatre Royal! The Glebe Street bunch have featured in the classic DC Thomson comic strips in The Sunday Post since 1936 and this production celebrates them on their 80th anniversary! Award-winning Scottish playwright Rob Drummond brings the infamous characters Granpaw, Paw and Maw Broon, Hen and Joe, Daphne, Maggie, Horace, the Twins and the Bairn to life in a production filled with laughs, love and comic-strip visuals, all set to a Scottish soundtrack. This world first theatrical staging draws inspiration from the famous comic strip to bring you a brand new lively and fast paced tale… Can Maggie really, finally be getting married?! Return to Glebe Street, the But an’ Ben, and of course the Kirk to find out! The marvellous artwork and well observed storylines of The Broons means that everyone recognises a little of themselves in these classic tales. We are thrilled to be honouring these much-loved characters and bringing them to life for a live theatre audience.

If you grew up in Scotland this show is a must so try and get along to one of the dates.

The Broons is currently touring Scotland. Click below to book tickets – you won’t be disappointed!

The Broons Live Show

5 thoughts on “REVIEW: The Broons Live Stage Show @ His Majesty’s Theatre, Aberdeen

  1. I agree that the best performance was from the actor playing Hen Broon and it was the only thing that kept me awake. In fact a guy in front of me was playing cards on his phone and then nodded off. I thought the set was a real let down. Far too spartan and lacking charm and character. As an avid fan of the Broons I was left disappointed. I felt that the medley at the end was a desperate attempt to inject some Scottish patriotism which was totally unnecessary and frankly I was deeply offended at what they did to the Waterboys song “The Whole of the Moon”. I also have to mention that the screeching high pitched voices of The Twins left me nauseated and highly irritated. The Bairn gave me the creeps and was like some depiction of a ghost child from a horror movie. I could go on but you get my drift. I practically ran out of the theatre at the end with relief to escape the bad taste the whole show left me with.


    1. Oh dear, did you not enjoy it haha? I see all your points and why you would think that. I’m guessing if there was an “Oor Wullie” stage show then you won’t be queuing up for tickets 😉



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