Facebook Live: Retro Pop Box Unboxing

What is Facebook Live?

Facebook Live allows you to broadcast realtime video from your smart phone for all your Facebook friends to see live. It will also be available on your timeline for people to catch up with later.

What is Retro Pop Box?

The retro pop box is a magic gift delivered every month for you to re-live your youth.

Each Retro Pop Box™ will contain 4-7 items, valued at over $45, that are carefully curated for a maximum jolt of nostalgia from YOUR FAVORITE DECADE.The unique pop-culture products within each box will span the decade and touch on iconic events, music, shows, movies, toys, candy and more!

I put together the two things and did a Facebook Live of me unboxing my latest, awesome 80s retro pop box. Check out the Steve Says Facebook page to see it or click on the image below…

Retro Pop Box

What about you? Do you use Facebook Live? Do you think the Retro Pop box is as awesome as I do? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

6 thoughts on “Facebook Live: Retro Pop Box Unboxing

  1. You had to pay Custom Charges? I think that would put me off signing up, but if it’s fun, then carry on.
    We called those rubber balls – power balls.
    Did you know (you probably do) that on Facebook live, all words appear backwards? The words on your Dr Who poster were all backwards. If I had a mirror I could have read them. I’ve not used Facebook live, but then I don’t use Facebook that much.
    You’re a natural on camera, though.


      1. Well, you do it very well. You should have your own chat show. I’m certain there’s a space for somebody like you on the chat show host circuit.
        Watching you drink white wine before 11am was kinda strange. I hope it was at least after 11:10am when you made the video. 😃

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