Visiting Tenerife: Playa Paraiso

Visiting Tenerife: Playa Paraiso

During September 2016 we spent two weeks in Playa Paraiso, Tenerife staying in the Roca Nivaria Hotel.

Where is Playa Paraiso?

Playa Paraiso is on the southern side of the island of Tenerife in The Canary Islands with the nearest large resort being Costa Adeje.

As always Trip Advisor is an invaluable tool these days because had we not done some research beforehand it would have been quite a shock when we arrived in the middle of the night to what could easily be hugely mistaken for a building site rather than what it actually is…

So what actually is Playa Paraiso?

I would describe Playa Paraiso as a “not quite there yet” or an “up and coming” or even a “watch this space” resort but by no means a “steer clear of” and definitely not a “would not recommend” resort. I say this simply because there is currently still a lot of work going on. There is also a lot of work that has started but for some reason has been  (some say the credit crunch of 2008 put a stop to a lot of work) left half-finished i.e. the empty shopping centre or abandoned restaurants. However, having visited other islands in the Canaries  – I don’t think any of them will ever be completely finished and there will always be cranes on the horizon somewhere! If I had the funds or the experience I’d be buying a unit in that shopping centre because it’s definitely  a great investment opportunity. Personally, I think a “Steve Smells” perfumery would be a great addition to the area!

The majority of work being done is on the Hard Rock Hotel

…judging by the amount of work that was carried out in the two weeks that we were there it will be finished in no time. I’ve already checked the website for the hotel and they’re taking bookings already whilst showing the inside of the rooms. I find that really interesting since only the other day we witnessed the bathtubs being hauled up on cranes and lowered into the rooms via the balcony.  On previous holidays I would spend many Euros on the “grab game machines” but this year I felt like I was slap bang inside one…


I think it will be awesome once it’s completed and in fact, I quite enjoyed our after breakfast-pre pool, sit on the bench in the front of our hotel watching the works progressing.

I won’t dwell too much on all the construction work going on as it’s purely temporary and I’d say that in a year or so this is going to be a very popular resort. Also, when we were in our hotel you could hear minimal noise from the building works. I won’t say you couldn’t hear any noise as that wouldn’t be completely true but don’t let that put you off. Finally, on the construction work, I don’t think they were following the same “health and safety” criteria as we are accustomed to in the UK – I’ll leave you to imagine what I mean but let’s just say the construction workers made the most of the nearby bars during break times!

The following video is a slight exaggeration and only how I imagined it in my head…

There’s a variety of hotels in the area including RIU Buena Vista Clubhotel and also many apart-hotel type blocks.

Despite other reviews I’ve read there is a good selection of restaurants, pubs, car/bike rentals, excursion booking outlets and the usual plethora of “merchant of tat” shops…

A fairly large “normal” supermarket is available which is good for those “pool side” cheap bottles of wine, lagers (some come with a free cool-bag if you’re really lucky) and snacks you need by your side at the pool when your a mere peasant at your 5 star hotel and not “all inclusive”. Oh, is that just me then?

If you’re looking for a hustle and bustle holiday resort with the standard “entertainment strip” on your doorstep then you won’t get that from Playa Paraiso…well not just yet anyway. Again, don’t let that put you off as Costa Adeje is a 10 minute bus ride away if you don’t mind the short holimute (that means holiday commute and I think I’ve just invented a new word). Our hotel even had a free shuttle bus service and there is also a regular bus service to other resorts such as Los Christianos. Personally, I thought it was like having the best of both worlds.

If you are a beach person then it is within easy walking distance from most hotels and the views of the ocean are, of course, stunning. It’s a Tenerife beach remember so if you go there expecting golden sand and surf you’ll be disappointed. If you expect lots of big rocks, little rocks and brown sand then you’ll be delighted!

There were lots of diving and fishing activities taking place nearby too (which I witnessed from our hotel balcony, obviously, whilst consuming aforementioned purchases from supermarket – they double as “people watching” balcony snacks, lagers and wines too don’t you know?)

Roca Nivaria

We really enjoyed our stay in Playa Paraiso! I would return but I’d leave it a few years to see how the resort developed first.

Keep checking this blog for more information regarding the hotel we stayed at, things we did, places we went and restaurants & pub reviews.

What about you? Have you been to Playa Paraiso? Maybe you are considering going? Tell me about your experiences or ask me any questions in the comments below.

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