When I Was A Young Boy I Played With This All The Time

What was your favourite toy when you were young?

When I’m asked what my favourite toy was when I was young I always think back to the same thing. I’m not sure if this was my favorite thing or my most played with but it is the one that always comes to my mind first.

It was called a Gobot Centre and it was a type of space ship. Upon reflection it looks like The Transformer’s poorer cousin

It had four legs so that it could stand up which would then fold down to allow the attached wheels to move it across the floor. Its back opened up to reveal the compartments/rooms inside and there was also had a little lift.

I don’t remember what accessories came with it or what set of toys it belonged to as I just made up my own rules. I had Star Wars figures, Transformers, Lego men, Plasticine people and toy cars all living happily together inside. They would go on all sorts of adventures across the carpets, land upon bed planets and even sometimes attempt to get in the bath – that never ended well, especially for the Plasticine people…

Do I see any connection between that and my life now? Yes – very happy memories when I look at the picture.

What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your favorite childhood toy? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014


8 thoughts on “When I Was A Young Boy I Played With This All The Time

  1. Are you one of those guys that just can’t leave things alone? You just have to touch something and play with it – my son is like that. I still have my big doll from when I was a child, all those years ago but she is a bit worn so wont want to have her photo taken. My daughter was into barbies, and my son into Lego and bionicles – the next generation from transformers.



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