Monday Moans: Let The Spleen Vent!


What makes you moan?

Here are a few of my moans…

It’s Monday…again! Sometimes good humour alone won’t get us through it. Sometimes we need to RANT!

Click the photos below and listen to the spleen vent!

Wear My Skinny Jeans With Pride? NO!


Not So Sweet Charity…


I Asked For The News, Not The Weather…


I Used To Like Likes…


A Shower Of Shite: My Toiletries Have Gone Mad!


Burger Off And Just Give Me My Burger On A Plate…Please

Share your shouty moments with me. Let me know about them in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

7 thoughts on “Monday Moans: Let The Spleen Vent!

  1. I have read that you have been having some really wild weather – which makes jeans stink when wet, and also makes people keep their heads down so that they ignore any charity workers. I actually sneak past charity workers, especially when they get in your face – I think my financial situation qualifies me as a charity in my own right.

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