I’m Frying Without Wings


What’s for breakfast?

It’s Sunday morning and I get up to have my breakfast but what do I find? The cereal box was empty – what was I to do? It’s obvious isn’t it?

Since it is the weekend and I am in no rush to get to work I was going to treat myself to a breakfast fry up and it was the perfect excuse to try out my new frying pan.

I don’t always get excited about kitchenware but this frying pan is awesome. It’s from Moderna Housewares and is from the Ozeri range. I’m not a big fan of cooking but I do like good design and the colour of this frying pan is what caught my attention first as it fits in so well with my other kitchenware…

However, it’s practical side is just as brilliant. It’s very solid and when you first lift it up you just get a sense of confidence in it that you might not get from other frying pans, it’s very weighty. In fact, I might go as far to say it could even be used as a weapon…

I was very impressed with my cooked breakfast and therefore very satisfied with this frying pan. Great design, great results and would thoroughly recommend this company!

What about you? What’s your ideal breakfast? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014


18 thoughts on “I’m Frying Without Wings

  1. Donuts or pastries are my yummy choice, toast with peanut butter is my healthy protein choice and pancakes or waffles with bacon and maple syrup are my favorite “going out to eat breakfast,” choice. 🙂 Robin


      1. Actually, our boards are slightly different as we have the knives integrated at the back. We also have the mixing bowls / colander / sieve arrangement. I just like how they all fit together. They’re very ‘Apple’ in that sense.



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