Remember Not To Forget To Breathe


How do you cope under pressure?

Think of a time when everything seemed to be going wrong — and then, suddenly, you knew it would be alright. 

It just goes with my job that things don’t go as planned and the s**t goes down always at the least appropriate time. For example, in the middle of a presentation on how to manage email, my Outlook crashes. You know the kind of thing that never ever happens to you until people are watching.

There are lots of ways to deal with this kind of situation and I’m sure everyone has their own coping strategy.

I discovered mine a few years ago and I call it “Rule Of 10”.

Basically, when something is not going quite right i.e. very wrong, use the “Rule Of 10”.

All you need to do is start counting backwards from 10 down to 1 and more often than not the problem decreases in size in line with the numbers.

For example, a computer application goes belly up when you are showing a group of people – start at 10 and, from my experience, it’s fixed itself well before you get to 1 but if it hasn’t it’s given you time to think of an alternative or prepare what to say to “wing it”.

Outwardly calm, inwardly calm.


I apply this everywhere not just at work.

The traffic lights are red when you are late – count from 10 and they are always changed before 1.

Someone in the queue in front of you in the shop is taking ages “rule of 10” it and they’ll be out the door with their shopping bags before you reach 1.

The TV box won’t boot up and your favourite tv show is about to start. 10…..and I’m lying on the sofa before 1.

Try it. It might just save your life. Haha, well, reduce your blood pressure anyway…

What about you? Tell me how you cope under pressure in the comments below or tweet me @SteveSays2014

21 thoughts on “Remember Not To Forget To Breathe

  1. Yes, the rule of 10 is a good one. And a few deep breaths in and out, focusing on filling the lungs properly, is also good for calming down. Unless someone is actually trying to set you on fire, most things aren’t worth the stress ;-D

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  2. I use the rule of 10 often. I count down from ten to get kids back in their seats, I count backwards for “you’re in trouble,” situations, and as you say, I count from ten to keep my temper in check. If you stay cool too, outwardly, it tends to look like you are weighing options and being considerate-cause you’re thinking about it!

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  3. I do the same. Sometimes my counting goes down to -10 but then who cares as long as it works and keeps me calm!
    Great post as always.



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