From Paris, With Love

From Paris, With Love

Why is Paris called “The City Of Love”?

When I visited Paris – the city of love, it wasn’t until I reviewed my photos that I had inadvertently captured the “essence” of Paris in a photo I’d taken of the Louvre…

Isn’t it amazing what you don’t realise is in your own photos until you take a few minutes to examine everything extra that is going on.

Take a look at some of my other photos on Flickr.

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13 thoughts on “From Paris, With Love

  1. A really beautiful moment captured in the perfect surrounding. It feels sort of weird (like we are intruding on a private moment) but also sort of like they are sharing their happiness with us.

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  2. Wow. Nicely done! I’ve done that too where I think I’m taking a picture of something and I catch something amazing by accident. Great photo. Love what you did with the B&W and the color.



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