IMG_4621I’m Steve and I am from Scotland which is currently part of the United Kingdom.

This is a photo of my recent visit to Stockholm, Sweden. It was taken near the Royal Palace and I am walking towards it – embracing the sights, sounds and culture of this wonderfully amazing European country.

Notice how I am choosing to walk towards what my European neighbour has to offer me.

Notice how my back is turned as I am walking towards this European capital.

Europe – I’m coming to get you!

UK – I turn my back on you!

I’m Steve and I am from Scotland!

#SOS #SaveOurScotland #CheckOutMyBaldSpot


What about you? What do you think of the EU Referendum results? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @stevesays2014

This post was also part of the weekly photo challenge with the theme Partners

39 thoughts on “#BlackFriday

  1. As an EU citizen living in UK, I’m devastated by Brexit. And I wasn’t even allowed to vote in this. About us, without us. If Scotland decides to leave UK, I will not blame them at all.
    Beautiful post.

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  2. I’m totally with you. We’ve been following Brexit from South Africa with interest and I was totally and utterly dismayed that the vote was to leave. It has already begun to affect us here in SA, our economy took a hefty tumble on Friday. I’m now watching what’s going to happen with Scotland and hope for independence so you can join the EU. Know that here in the tip of Africa, we’re with you. I’m sad and I feel some anger as I am also a citizen of the EU (dual-citizenship with Portugal) and wonder if in a years time those that voted to leave will still proudly proclaim to have done so…

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  3. I am neither British nor European but having lived in France and traveled around Europe including UK, I felt very sad and disheartened about the BREXIT decision and I knew within me that it’s a matter of time before Scotland exits the UK. SAD!!

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  4. Now very seriously considering moving to Scotland from London. Our original plan was to move to Europe, but particularly with the drop in the pound and the likely ongoing economic issues that’s probably not doable before the two years runs out.

    So if you guys vote for independence (and I would fully support that after being a strong Better together advocate last year) then we’ll be looking at houses up your way.

    I’m just not sure I want to b long to this country anymore. This country with so much hate, ignorance and bigotry. It’s awful.

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    1. Yay? Come to Scotland! I was all for Better Together too but now it just seems like we’ve been shafted. It’s like when you’re a kid and playing with your friends quite happily and a mean neighbour comes and takes your ball away!

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  5. It will definitely affect us here in New Zealand. I remember when Great Britain joined the EU or the EEC as it was called back then. Now the shock waves will be going around the world again. We had live updates all day about the voting. That’s how worried we are about it all.

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      1. Yes – fingers crossed! And the timing of your post is spot on for this historical pivot – we were leaving the hotel and I told the teens with us to watch the news and “pay attention” – and what a cool photo u give us with this topic

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  6. I’m genuinely scared and not just because your lot have bust out the Braveheart war paint. Can’t say I blame you – bloody idiots the lot of them that opted out. Just remember that when I try to get across the border I’ll be citing you as family, being my birthday twin and all! 😉

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  7. As European, I look at today as one of the saddest days in the recent history of Europe; I work inside the EU, and even though I see its pitfalls, I see much more than what Farage and Johnson depicted during the campaign. I see the chance of working and learning from colleagues from 28 different countries; I see children growing up bi or tri-lingual, students easily moving from one country to another, and enriching their values and knowledge. I see people finding work all over Europe, and having a better chance to fulfil their dreams. It is a welcoming place. This is the EU for me, and it saddens me that maybe the EU failed to show this side to the citizens. Anyway, from the nearby (at least near to Stockholm) Helsinki, welcome to Europe Steve from Scotland, and welcome Scotland, should you decide to join us once again! 🙂

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